You CAN Contribute to Change

You CAN Contribute to Change…Change is a constant, and so it is possible to revise the perception of salespeople and the way in which management treats them. The lack of respect, integrity (in some companies), and unequal treatment among genders has one scratching their head wondering why anyone would enter such a profession? If this sounds like your experience…Share on Facebook

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Salespeople Please Share Your Viewpoint

Salespeople Please Share Your Viewpoint…The sales profession endures more pressure than most can bear. Issues are many, but by working collaboratively to hear the problems out from contributors, and resolve them, the reward will be exponential. Accordingly, Debbie Gee, Steve Lewark, and I are collaborating on the Voice of Sales project on behalf of The Sales Enablement Society…Share on Facebook

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How to Groom A Returning Audience

How to Groom A Returning Audience …Are you possibly over-looking the need to groom your returning audience? Social media is so fast-paced that we sometimes overlook the gold we have stashed in those networks. Today’s topic may sound a bit different, yet it does have sales techniques in mind…Share on Facebook

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Regain Focus to Achieve More

Regain Focus to Achieve More…At times, our work and our focus are disrupted due to uncontrollable circumstances. The difficult part is getting back to what we hold important, especially when the interruption takes longer than expected. Lengthy disruption is the point where we are to re-examine our priorities. When we face major challenges, the thought of quitting may occur, but that’s rarely the answer. For additional ideas…Share on Facebook

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Recognize to Be Recognized

Recognize to Be Recognized…Today’s blog post with a slide show for developing an engaged employee culture is provided by StraightNorth.  Giving similar recognition to clients works well, too.  Enjoy the presentation! Intro Companies with a solid strategy to recognize members of their team enjoy stronger engagement, increased employee morale, a devoted spirit of customer service, and lower turnover rates…Share on Facebook

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Are You Closing or Opening Doors of Opportunity?

Are You Closing or Opening Doors of Opportunity?…My fists were clenched upon reading an email and quickly realizing his door of opportunity just closed. Upfront, one has to recognize that not all sales are immediate and that being respectful of timelines is a necessity. Otherwise, more sales will be lost than earned…Share on Facebook

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Transition Provides Unexpected Opportunity

Transition Provides Unexpected Opportunity…People laughed, people scorned, but now the same people are scratching their heads and asking, “How did I miss the opportunity?”, and, “Is it too late?” The next step for many is finally to take action. Taking calculated risk is a necessity for advancing one’s career. While focus, motivation, and perseverance make the difference. Yesterday’s blog asked the question, Do You Easily Transition into New Directions?  The question is, are you ready to embrace doing so yourself?…Share on Facebook

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Do You Easily Transition Into New Directions?

Do You Easily Transition Into New Directions?…It was astonishing to learn that a previously successful speaker could not easily transition to the newer way of doing business. Ironically, the newer way includes being social online, and we all know that is no longer new. You can guess he is rapidly moving backward and doesn’t know what to do…Share on Facebook

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Are You Checking Your List Twice For A Successful Year-end?

Are You Checking Your List Twice For A Successful Year-end?…Checking your list twice is not just for the year-end holidays. A careful review is also to ensure nothing falls through the cracks so that you may secure all open business that sounds promising. The last quarter of the year is known to produce the most business for the entire year. To capture all expectations requires serious business on the backend….Share on Facebook

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Lead Your Network to Improved Introductions

Lead Your Network to Improved Introductions…It’s sometimes a blurry line between networking with business acquaintances and making friends in the process. When we recognize those blossoming friendships, it becomes the right time to think about the introductions we may make. When you reach out to connect people with whom you see the synergy, you never have to worry about the question, ‘what will be in it for me?’ The answer presents itself soon enough…Share on Facebook

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