Do You Share Reward with Your Network?

Do You Share Reward with Your Network? …One of the more difficult transitions a salesperson can make as they enter the world of entrepreneurship is to share. The sharing refers to introductions, opportunities, networks, articles, and just about anything else that comes to mind. It is the complete opposite of the highly competitive sales environment…

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How Adept Do You Believe You Are?

How Adept Do You Believe You Are?…Being adept at handling all types of issues is a necessity. Curveballs arrive rapidly and how we address them makes all the difference. There is a need to shrug off the bad and move on. To begin, breathe deeply and smile…

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Do You Check Metrics?

Do You Check Metrics?…Given our hectic schedules, we sometimes push checking for metrics aside. But without knowing what isn’t working well can harm the outcome. Rather than let checkups on processes and statistics slide, it’s best to schedule a routine checkup…

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Reposition Your Thinking to Welcome New Possibilities

Reposition your thinking to welcome new possibilities…Reposition your thinking to welcome new possibilities It’s time to recognize that the same old no longer works and reposition our thinking. Positive thought is gradually becoming popular due to the writings of the Law of Attraction. But most people are still holding onto the old not wanting to make an effort to change…

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Are You Chasing Money in the Wrong Places?

Are You Chasing Money in the Wrong Places?…Everyone has a different definition of the right place to go after the money. But once again advice from sales and marketing pundits come into play. However you view making money, maintaining your good reputation and brand, based on trust and credibility, are at stake…

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Do You Honestly Relay the Facts?

Do You Honestly Relay the Facts?…For every encounter, credibility and trust are at stake when you deliver the facts. Successful business begins to build by getting to know the people in the room. An exchange of stories starts the process. About half-way through the conversation, the time to convey our experiences comes alive. How we present the facts becomes the point of no return, literally, if the delivery is not accurate…

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Relationships Improve with Sales and Marketing Wisdom

Relationships Improve with Sales and Marketing Wisdom …Social and business gatherings bring out the best and the worst in all of us and can affect relationships. When we are among long-time friends, we expect a great deal of fun ahead but sometimes we are stopped in our tracks. Traditional sales and marketing advice provide excellent life lessons, and are to be applied to relationships of all kinds…

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Planning To Quit Your Job and Start a Business In 2018?

Before You Quit, Here Is What You Need To Do…Although starting a business can take a lot of preparation, the initial planning phase is just a small part of the business success equation. If you plan on starting a business in this upcoming year, follow these four steps to boost your business performance while minimizing risk…

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How Do You Handle Offers To Be Refused?

How Do You Handle Offers To Be Refused?…Year-end brings out offers that appear to be out of desperation and should be refused. As an advocate of diplomacy, it’s wise to ask questions rather than say something offensive. It’s best to verify nothing is misinterpreted. As I read one offer, I said out loud, What?!…

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Do You Heed this Marketing Advice?

Do You Heed this Marketing Advice?…The brilliant marketing advice is to always be consistent.  Consistency applies to everything we do. Included is that our principles and values are to be heard and seen in action. Sales enablement is the topic of the day. However, sales are enabled only when trust and credibility are earned every day between peers, management, and clientele. We come full circle in earning the trust by heading the advice of being consistent….

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How Can You Boost Productivity?

How Can You Boost Productivity?…The theme these days is sales enablement, but in the days of my career, the opposite was true. I used to wonder if the executives were actually behind us making sales, or if their preference was for us to be accountants instead…

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Should I Give A Christmas Gift to My Customer?

Should I Give A Christmas Gift to My Customer?…With the holiday season around the corner, everyone is thinking about their Christmas shopping list: Legos for my son, cuff links for my brother, scarf for the mother-in-law. All this list-making and gift-shopping has led me to think: should I give my customers a Christmas gift? If so, what kind of gift? And, how should I give it?…

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Are You Seeking Your Motivating Force?

Are You Seeking Your Motivating Force?…Let’s face it, for most people on a job, Monday morning is not their motivating force. But what would happen if you could turn the negative thought around into something good? Is it possible you will be happy to go to work with a motivator at your side?…

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How Do You Uniquely Define Success?

How Do You Uniquely Define Success?…No two people are exactly alike and so we each uniquely hold a differing vision of success. It is useless for someone to dictate what our goals should be if our passion isn’t there. Some may view success as holding onto a job without being fired until a new one comes along. For others, meticulous goals or seemingly impossible dreams define their ambition…

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Do You Balance Honesty with Negativity?

Do You Balance Honesty with Negativity?…While honesty is always the preferred route, a negative attitude will drive people away. It is possible to deliver a less than enthusiastic opinion with a positive outlook. The difference is the invitation to discuss the matter openly rather than dismissing the topic in its entirety. Diplomacy in these situations is essential…

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Are You Properly Thanking People?

Are You Properly Thanking People?…It was asked if one shows their age thanking people by sending a traditional note through the post office. The concern centers on gaining trust for getting hired, although it can certainly apply to thanking prospective clients for their time…

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