Reconnecting and Building Relationships


To my delight, someone I met about 8 years ago asked to reconnect.  Back then, I held this man in high esteem as he was well advanced in his career and I was only just starting out.  To my great surprise, he wants to reconnect. It'snot  just to shoot the breeze, but he admires my achievements to the point where collaboration might be in order.

I'm relaying this because it is never too late to reconnect and further build the relationship. You just never know whether a business or a career opportunity will come your way.  Monthly, take the time to review a list of those people with whom you would like to catch up and see if new possibility exists.

I did some research on where this gentleman is today.  It's no wonder he reached out because we are both on the same page on many levels.  We both enjoy our work, reach out to help others and we both made a significant mindset change  as we faced life and death experiences.

This leads me to suggesting to those of you celebrating the holiday this long Memorial Day weekend, be extra careful while driving and alert for those choosing to drive drunk.  May you remain happy and healthy, and allow life to be a Smooth Sale!

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