Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1021

Business facelift to rejuvenate the New Year

We see and hear of all the cosmetic surgeries available today to appear our best.  A large spectrum of options exist such as choosing to have extensive surgery, purchasing organic creams, or simply standing back a few extra inches from the mirror (humor here) to admire oneself.  There is merit in this last approach, as we often do not give ourselves enough credit.

What does this have to do with business and career?  

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Similar options exist in that we may do a complete overhaul for how we present our business and personal brand, or discover precisely where to make improvement in order to improve desired results.   Examine your current results in the following areas in order to decide where your improvement should be made.

Social Media

Numerous sites exist for you to monitor your results across platforms such as Alexa, Klout, Kred, HootSuite, and the latest, SumAll.  Questions to ask yourself:

- Are your results going up or down?

- What do you believe is missing or aiding your results?

- Which strategy should you leverage to further increase results?


Corporate salespeople are taught to be highly competitive, therefore for many it is close to impossible to collaborate.  But once past that hurdle, seek out similarly minded professionals who are willing to share one another's work in order to gain prominence, a larger reach, and ultimately build a more robust business or career.

Some believe it's essential to read everything prior to re-posting information of others.  There is some truth to this because you do want to keep your brand in tact above all else, as this is your underlying marketing and sales message of what you stand for.  However, after a period of time, a comfort level should be found where you mutually share posts of one another.


Which type of community would benefit from your knowledge?  Use 10% of your valuable time to help others grow in their endeavors.  This is among the best strategies to build your brand, while being of great service to those in need.  Consider training, coaching and providing online materials free of charge.  The reward comes knowing you were able to help others.

A component of helping communities is to freely share your knowledge across platforms.  Of all you have done in the past year, which topics generated the most interest?  Further elaborate on these by producing blogs, articles, postings and tweets on these subjects.  The reward here will be attracting larger audiences and receiving “shares” in greater numbers.

The sales funnel dictates that business development and sales are dependent upon reaching large numbers in order to qualify and better match prospects and clients; the same is true for choosing the better job.  

Upon improving your business appearance and implementing new ideas, do step back to admire all you have accomplished.  This is where you find the inner joy and reward that will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1020

3 days to create goodwill

For those celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, you have a perfect opportunity to build goodwill with prospects, clients and peers.  During the next three days, prior to Thursday, reach out to as many as possible wishing each a good holiday.  For those with whom you are able to connect personally, in addition to good wishes, ask their plans for the holiday.  

Your sincere interest in the plans of others will make a highly favorable impression of you and what you stand for.  It becomes an indication of the customer service care you might provide.  Doing the same with hiring managers and recruiters will likewise put in you in a positive light that may well encourage them to provide you with the job offer you seek.  Below are suggestions for the individual touch as well as a customized approach for a mass reach.

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Phone or Video Call

Taking 15 minutes to exchange good wishes provides the opportunity to also ask about plans for year-end and projects in the New Year.  As you speak, you might just find opportunities where you may collaborate or potentially find a brand new client or job.


A variety of online sites provide a wonderful array of greeting cards.  You can add a special message, and send to many at a time yet personalize with the individual's name and email address. These are always greatly appreciated.


Create one thoughtful message via video that will be appropriate to send to your targeted audience.  Include a short personal note of your plans or how you might be helping a community in need, and send a cheerful wish for the holiday.


Individualize the email with good wishes.  Some of the message may be generic ready to copy and paste for the next.  If you send a newsletter, include pictures or a video to encourage reading it all.

No matter the style you choose, when you reach out to say,

"I was thinking of you" almost everyone relates and appreciates the time you took to do so.  The effort builds your personal brand and becomes an underlying marketing and sales message that you are the thoughtful type of person others seek out to conduct business.

Reaching out with authenticity during the next 3 days will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1019

Principles to find reward and fulfillment

Whenever I encounter a group of people whether a party, an event or on the job, I strive to find what the common thread was that attracted everyone to the same.  As a new employee, too, I would strive to get to know the other salespeople to discover the personality trait we each possessed that enabled us to get hired.

Yesterday, as I was reading an anthology entitled, "Success in Beauty:  The Secrets to Fulfillment and Reward", compiled by Charlotte Howard, the mindset and inspirational words of each author, myself included, became clear.  The beauty is about the inner core of the person.  The content is directed primarily toward women.  The success and reward comes from finding what makes YOU happy vs. the traditional idea taught that women need to please everyone but themself.

From the Authors:

Your Dreams

Take quiet time to recognize these and how they might evolve over the next 10 years.  Jot down goals needed to be achieved to make the dreams reality.  To eliminate overwhelm, only attempt 5 "have-to's" per day and gradually you will see a difference, a purpose, along with your inner joy and beauty will beginning to shine.

One Life

We each have one life to live.  So if we choose to spend our time solely pleasing others, our lives will be wasted.  At the end only regret will be felt.  Our duty to ourselves is to live the life we desire.  Make the necessary change and "go for it!"


As you find the improved track for moving forward, you will begin to connect with an improved group of people surrounding you who cheer you on.  In sales, this is called "qualify and match".  Being with people who support you, cheer for you, and collaborate with you greatly enhances the joy and fulfillment that is sought.

Giving Back

Finally "making it" brings acknowledgement, appreciation for where you landed, and the recognition it is time (if you haven't already) to begin giving back to appropriate communities as a goodwill gesture.  Share your knowledge freely to help others also succeed.  In so doing, you build a stronger personal and business brand, are seen as a leader, and the support system becomes two-way as well as so much stronger.  

All of the above applies to seeking fulfilling careers too.  I was recently alerted to, and am happy to share, two websites: and  Give these a try if you are ready to forego the higher salary at corporate and work to make a difference through these non-profit organizations.

The extra thread of commonality among the authors is that most of us underwent a traumatic experience that positively affected the remainder of our lives.  We recognized each day is precious and not to be wasted.  The mindset is to give each day everything you have and take others along with you for the ride.  This is the lifestyle that has no regret!

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In the end, when you find fulfillment and reward in business or career, you find the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1018

Moving from brand dilution to solution

A surprise invitation came our way to enjoy a food and wine pairing demonstrated by a high end Italian Restaurant nearby.  No cost associated, just come enjoy a sample of fine dining and meet your neighbors.  The invitation sounded perfect and so we accepted.

From a business perspective, the event provided an excellent example of what to Avoid and what to do well.

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The Sommelier host was friendly, and as each person walked in, he poured a sample for them to taste of the wine being spotlighted.  He was knowledgeable too, but did not over speak the qualities of the wine.  He kept it simple which is an important key for the general population in regards to uture sales.  

Meanwhile, the two chefs were smiling throughout the event, invited questions, and explained each step of having developed their recipes.  They cleverly said the food would take almost an hour to bake, but then opened the oven to serve tastes of what had already been prepared ahead of time.

That was the good news.  Where brand dilution came into play was the fact the Italian Chefs focused on creating a Thanksgiving meal.  We were served two types of stuffing / dressing, turkey with gravy, and a cranberry relish.  While it was a treat to be at the event, it was shocking to see the amount of heavy ingredients comprising the dishes.  But even worse, the food wasn't all that tasty.  Members of our own family cook better than that.

After it was all over, I shook my head wondering what on earth the Restaurant was thinking.  Doubt crept into our minds as to whether or not we would chance visiting the pricey restaurant to taste the Italian food given we were under-impressed with the traditional American cuisine.

Had the chefs focused on their traditional Italian food, they would have had a better chance of making a good impression.  Since Italian is their specialty, they would have won over more visitors and very likely, repeat customers.  But hearing the mumbling on the way out, the demonstration was not a good reflection on their brand.  

The lesson we can all learn is when we reach out to introduce ourselves or assist communities, do so with your core inherent talent.  

By focusing on your core talent, there will be no mistaking you are excellent at your craft.  You will continue to market and develop both your personal and business brand creating further interest from new prospective clientele.  Job seekers, when hiring managers and recruiters see you working in this manner, a surprise offer to interview may very well come your way.

Having a regimen for keeping your brand in tact leads to the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1017

Customer care creates future goodwill

Our best lessons come from observations from other organizations that provide either bad or good customer examples.   Your first observation s to consider how you feel about the service delivered – were you angry, neutral or completely satisfied?   The reason being is you then know what to avoid, improve or copy and adapt to your unique style for conducting business.

Today, both types were experienced and are worth mentioning.  As a job seeker, attention to detail and response time in answering queries of recruiters is essential, l and may also be considered customer care.  After all you are selling your qualifications to the hiring company.

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Today, a delivery company called to say they would be delivering a required piece of furniture.  I asked they call the management office of the building to make an appointment.   Space for deliveries is limited, and so the appointment is required.  The reply I heard was, "No we don't do that".  

The problem with their not doing that is it would be impossible for them to enter the building without prior approval, and as their customer, I would not receive what was ordered and paid for.

Negotiating a way around any situation will usually find a satisfactory solution.  Upon speaking with management myself, a window of time was created for the delivery in question.  Hopefully the company will abide by that timeframe.

The second example has to do with an online purchase previously made via Living Social.  Due to a move, I made the purchase but waited to order until the address change was official.  Upon trying to redeem the coupon, the company making the offer revealed the item in question needs to be re-stocked.  

Customer care at Living Social listened carefully to the situation, tried the site from their computer, saw comments from others, and then provided several suggestions.  The icing on the cake was providing me with direct customer contact information just in case time runs short until the company is able to replenish the item.

Reading the differences between the two companies, it is obvious the first company will be avoided in the future, but loyalty toward Living Social increased and future business will be conducted.  

Listening and hearing problems of clients carefully along with striving to resolve them in a time efficient manner will almost always lead to the next Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1016

Why You Should Advertise Your Google+ Posts

Guest Blog and Infographic by Ivan Serrano

Did you know you could advertise your Google+ content? If not, you’re about to learn about a valuable advertising tool for your content strategy.

Earlier this year, Google launched advertised +Post posts. These Google+ posts are advertised through Google AdSense and enable brands to advertise their content. Google made this change to encourage brands to emphasize their content first, instead of trying to promote a product to their customers.

There are a number of benefits to using +Post ads to promote your Google+ content. First, brands who’ve already used +Post ads have reported 50 percent more engagement. In addition, you can use +Post ads to drive engagement from different locations across the Internet.

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of this feature, there are a few things you should know. Google+ plus accounts that have more than 1,000 followers are the only users who can use +Post ads. It’s also important to make sure the content you promote through +Post ads is relevant to your audience.

When it comes to creating a +Post advertising, it’s actually quite simple. The first step is to create a new AdWords campaign. Next, you’ll create your ad group and determine which audience you’ll target. Finally, you’ll create your advertisement, the URL you want to promote, and choose your +Post ad from your most recent posts.

By using +Post ads, you’ll reach an even larger audience and create more exposure for your brand. In addition, you’ll spark more conversations with your audience and get your content noticed by the right people. You’ll also to attract new customers to your business and create loyal fans.

As you can tell, creating a +Post ad is easy to do and can greatly create amazing opportunities for your brand to build its reputation online. If you’d like to learn more about +Post ads and how to create one, check out the infographic below:


Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1015

Drudge work necessary to prevail

There is always "something" in everyone's have-to-do list that seems like drudge work.   We drag our feet knowing it needs to be done, but it just isn't the type of work we prefer to do and so it is pushed off for another time.  The better route is to master taking care of whatever "it" may be in order to get it done and put to rest.  

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider during year-end in order to fast track the New Year for both business and career:

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Email and documents

Go through all of your saved files to delete those you do not currently need.  Have a back up disc, internal or external, in good working order or utilize a cloud service, so that you may recall the important documents as you need them down the road.

Online profiles and account settings

Have you moved, or changed your name or the purpose of your business?  In order to continue to do well with search engines, it is important that each account reflect your most current information for contact as well as your most recent achievements in business or career.

This is a time consuming effort in that you are most likely involved with numerous sites.  Some services exist that provide auto connecting all of the sites thereby allowing for updating once inclusive of all of the sites at the same time.  Of course, a fee is most likely attached.  Otherwise, make time to make adjustments annually.  The important factor is for everything to be up to date.

Contact forms

It always surprises me when companies hide their phone number and other contact information.  If you do desire that hiring managers or prospective clients find you, then use the sales philosophy of "make it easy" for them to do so.  One example is to have your email signature include links to your social media connection buttons.


How old is your picture shown on your profile pages?  Do you want to have an animal, baby or egg representing you?  Another sales motto is, "People buy from people they know, like and trust."  Intuitive people can look at a picture to know whether there may be synergy while others will refuse to do business with those who don't accurately display themselves.  Why eliminate business needlessly?  

The other side of the picture is how you present yourself.  It is an underlying communication or marketing and sales tool that conveys the personal you that works toward building your personal brand.  

By taking care of the drudge work on an annual basis, the time commitment won’t be too terrible and you will be gratified to know everything is up to date.  Getting to this state will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1014

Old acquaintances not forgotten

Holiday time is fast approaching and we shall soon be hearing the song, "Should Old Acquaintances Be Forgotten…"  

On occasion we may meet people and initially have a great conversation but for some reason the commonality just isn't there.  Unwittingly, communication drops.  However, social media has made it far easier to reconnect with those whom just might be worth reaching out to.

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Just yesterday, I saw the name and picture of someone I met about 12 years ago.  We were both starting out in our entrepreneurial endeavors.  We each foresaw possibility but had no idea how our businesses might progress nor how we might help one another.  It appeared we were in different worlds.  Then we both moved away from one another, and we found ourselves in different spaces for quite some time.  But LinkedIn changed our particular story for the better.

Upon seeing "Jenny's" picture and profile on the social media site, I immediately wrote to her asking to connect.  It turns out we now live in the same vicinity.  Twelve years later, I do want to know how she is personally and professionally.  The added bonus is that we have cross-over interest in our endeavors and should be able to explore a few collaborative possibilities.  We arranged a lunch date to meet regardless of all the time that has passed.

The holiday season is the perfect time to reach out to those with whom you have lost contact to say, "I was thinking of you today." Everyone likes to hear those words.  Then ask if they have special plans for year-end; this could imply either personal or business and make it easier for the other party to answer.  Reconnecting will rekindle friendships as well as business relationships.  

Finally, should you be seeking a new job, reaching out to previous management, co-workers, friends and peers is the number one way to find the next best job placement.  Once again, begin with “thinking of you…” and then progress to asking what they are working on these days and when convenient, suggest it would be nice to reconnect.    Most often, your wish will be granted.

Make it a daily habit to pursue the profiles shown online in order to easily reach out to a previous acquaintance.  This habit may just get you to the next Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1013

Elimination reveals the sweet spot

There is a reason we frequently hear, "save the best for last".  That's because trial and error, figuring out what we truly like and want most, takes work.  When you refine what you are embarking upon whether it is your approach for prospective clients or finding the perfect new job, lots of ups and downs are usually involved until you finally come upon the last, best choice.

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Your Preferred Clientele

Consider the type of clients you prefer, and the ease of getting into their good graces.  For example, early in my career, I was told to knock on every door in my territory.  New to the corporate sales, I followed the advice.  I walked into small "mom and pop" stores, as well as small, medium and large sized companies.  After numerous conversations, it was apparent medium sized companies were my comfort-zone.  

Giving the situation careful thought, it was apparent that larger companies would require a longer sales cycle due to the complex nature involved, while small companies barely had any money.  This gave added emphasis to the fact that I should focus on the medium sized companies.  Over time, however, I grew into selling to the larger corporations.

In the end, the conversation should be pleasurable as well as motivating for all parties.  In the end, you should feel a kinship with the people with whom you do business.

Your Preferred Employer

Some areas for employment focus on high tech while others may focus on non-profit corporations.  Wherever you reside, you need to consider where you fit in for what is available, or whether relocation will be required.  If you feel you have to adapt to whatever is available, then research the types of companies that fit your preferences and will make good use of your talent.  


Not every client or every job offer is perfect.  The question becomes, is it worthwhile to negotiate a compromise whereby you will find satisfaction in the end?  Be open to a variety of possibilities.  Create your lists with column headlines that read, "Must Have", "Eliminate" and "Negotiable".  Keep these in mind as you speak to your prospects.  There were occasional times where I had to say, "I can't help you" and then walked away.  But more times than not, clients and employers alike were happy that I was open to finding solutions and willingly worked with me to make the sale,

Bucket List

This phrase has become a cliché’ in terms of things you always wanted to do but the same applies to all endeavors.  Begin with your ideals, and work your way down through everything you can contemplate.  By progressing through and examining each, you will find the best match along with   

the Smooth Sale!


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HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On InterviewsCareer Press

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1012

Streamline Activity for Focused Results

Many times, entrepreneurs and job seekers find themselves running a million miles, but in multiple directions.  Doing so removes the possibility of going as far as one truly desires.  In order to reach the million-mile mark, so to speak, is to focus on the top activities that are more likely to help you succeed, and to eliminate those that won't.  

YouTube Preview Image

Ideas to help you push forward:

1.  Clean up accounts

Should you be inactive on some sites, you might consider removing your profile.  Is your profile up to date on the sites where you are active such as, having all of your awards, recognition, and latest work posted?  

Both sides of cleanup should be explored.  For example, if you are an active Twitter user, consider using Tweepi to "un-follow" people who have not been active on Twitter for a long time.  Rather than removing their accounts, more people than you realize have created accounts but have not used in years or have never used Twitter.   It does not help one's reputation to leave the account in this manner.   Your best strategy is to be matched with other active people or else your activity is in fact pointless.

2.  Clean up email

Email has become a burden with so much junk mail.  It seems blacklisting, setting rules, and whatever other techie ideas come forth, there seems to always be a way for junk email to advance into the inbox.  Arrange your in-box so that you can quickly scan the subject line to know whether to delete or not, and then permanently delete.  

Saving email is sometimes important in the case you will forget an important one to which you may need to respond later on.  Create file folders for those to easily find.

3.  Database backup

This is important on many levels.  Without it, and should your computer go haywire, you will lose everything.  But at the same time backup allows you to eliminate extra file folders, email, and documents on your computer.  However, at any time and with the right system in place, you are able to retrieve any portion when needed.

All of the above leads to increased efficiencies and allows you to focus on the better-qualified contacts, as well as pursue prospective clients and companies seeking to hire.  The communication efficiencies become an underlying marketing message that you are professional and reliable.  This is the type of personal brand that demonstrate others may count on you.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets ResultsSourcebooks

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