Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1042


Motivated to succeed

Upon hearing  I possess a unique DNA with motivation included was close to being insulting.  No one inherits motivation.  It is something that develops from within. Each person possessing it was intially brave enough to embrace it, and propel it into the real world.  What is unique however, is those who possess the willingness to recognize the importance of motivation to do something about it. 

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Case in point

Remarks heard indicate the difficulty many face in recognizing the difference motivation may make in their life.  Here are three examples: “The difference between us is, you are motivated”;  “The learning curve is too steep, why begin?” and, “It’s not worth setting goals because everyone gives up”.

Motivating oneself

You can teach yourself to be motivated.  The other option is to sit back and feel sorry for yourself.  So the next question becomes, which scenario do you prefer? 

Using a few sales techniques, you can quickly become motivated too:

  • Each evening create a list of 10 things you will complete the next day
  • On your list, include one person to call for a friendly conversation
  • As you complete tasks during the day, cross them off of your list
  • On your list, include one fun activity for the week
  • Use the fun activity as celebration for having achieved your goals

This process allows you to see items quickly checked off as completed.  Sticking to the plan, you will begin to feel motivation kick in to turn some of these tasks into long held ideas for projects.  Using the same running task list strategy will help you see completion of your projects in a more timely fashion.  Celebration is a requirement to keep the motivation moving forward.

Your brand

As you educate yourself, be certain to remain true to your values and priorities, and be certain that the ideas suggested work well within your style.  This is the essence of developing your personal brand.

Sales Success

Your activity and accomplishments will turn heads and attract a wider audience.  Word of mouth referrals will then kick in.  It now becomes an upward spiral moving motivation forward and in your favor.  Achievement come more quickly and grander over time.  Your clientele will see you performing at your all time best.

Doing your best in every regard is what leads to the Smooth Sale!

Implement New Strategies:

LinkedIn e-book and Course

Learn About Linkedin


Observing the best, self educating and subscribing to programs fast tracks performance.  Promoting others builds relationships and future opportunity leading to the Smooth Sale! 

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1041

Compete with Big Global Businesses Using These Tips

by Andrew Lisa

Giant corporations haven't had it as good as they have it now since the Gilded Age. From cereal to cell-phone carriers, retail to restaurants, most industries are dominated by a handful of behemoth companies. If you're a little guy just starting out who has a great idea for, say, candy, it's hard to compete with Skittles – especially since Skittles is owned by Wrigley, which is owned by Mars, which also owns M&Ms, Twix, Dove Chocolate, Milky Way, Lifesavers, Starburst, Altoids and Snickers.

Global businesses have the resources and the reach – but there are always openings for ambitious entrepreneurs to find their place.

Find the Gap

You're probably not going to knock Coca-Cola off its perch any time soon. The trick is to find the gap. By identifying a problem in an industry – no matter how big or how singularly dominated it is by any one company – a savvy entrepreneur can find, own and market the solution to that problem. Those wishing to advance their careers should follow these exact same steps.  The gap could be the desire of consumers for something that they're lacking, a new addition to an old product or simply something someone hasn't thought of yet. But all the good ideas are taken, right? So where do you look?

Keep up with Changing Legislation

A great place for an ambitious entrepreneur to look for an opening to establish his or her very own niche is through the examination of our constantly evolving laws and regulations. When a certain pesticide was banned, the agriculture industry had to change. When the EPA banned HCFCs in refrigerants, the air conditioning industry had to change. Any change in an industry leaves openings for people who can sell alternative pesticides, non-ozone depleting refrigerants, or any other product or service that simply wasn't needed before the rules changed.

Keep it Local

Like politics, all business is local. As discussed in the article "10 Ways SMEs Can Compete With Big Business Globally," plan on the local level first. Oftentimes, global brands try to paste a one-size-fits-all campaign onto their national or regional strategy. Consider pairing with smaller local companies that already have skin in the game.

The digital age has given smart, sharp entrepreneurs tools that were never before available to get truly great products to market.

If the Walmarts of the world are corporate Goliaths, start-up entrepreneurs are definitely Davids. Fight the local fight you know, look for a window of opportunity in changing local, state and federal laws and embrace problems anywhere you find them. Finding the solution just might be your foot in the door for global expansion.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance business writer. He covers startups and small-business tech.

Embracing these tips as either an entrepreneur or job seeker will lead you to the Smooth Sale! 

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1040

5 strategies easing difficult conversations

Every once in a while we encounter hurtful comments or have difficult conversations to look forward to that are either job or client based.  On occasion sleepless nights are experienced due to the anger inside.  But, anger doesn't help the effort to find a potential solution.  

Should any of this occur during the holiday season, stress is seen at an all-time high and could hinder health.  Consider the following strategies to ease the pain and potentially have them work to your favor.

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Rapid Punching

At home, with no one around, punch your pillow rapidly and with all your might.  It helps to alleviate the anger and stimulate the brain.  Or, if you have access to boxing gloves and punching bag, have at it!  By the time you are through, you will have hurt no one and you just might feel a bit better and ready to proceed to step 2.

Ask Why?

More relaxed, consider all of the reasons possible for the mean commentary or need for the dreaded upcoming conversation.  From the beginning of the story, what lead to the root cause of this dilemma?  Could it be, personality conflict, omission, misunderstanding…?

Walk yourself through all of the details that led to the event turning south along with the upcoming tenuous conversation.  List possibilities on a newly created document.


Out of the entire list, which possibilities to be proposed, in your upcoming meeting, are the most likely to be accepted?  Add further details to the ones you like best in order to make your case on the appointed day. Calmly discuss the options to fully comprehend where you stand.


You can't change someone's personality.  Sometimes you just have to walk away.  However, if you are on a job, keep options open without having to quit.  The easier way to get a new job is to still be employed.  

Entrepreneurs sometime have to walk away from rude clients or people in their circles if the comments get to them.  Remember, opinions are subjective.  It is up to you to accept or reject what is being said.  

For example, I responded with the following earlier today:Writing style is completely subjective.  Nice Girls DO Get the Sale was professionally edited by a highly reputable publishing house, is an international best-seller, and enjoys top-notch media attention. Yet some still felt inclined to tell me it was poorly written.  Another salesperson and author, that I know, writes with run-on sentences. This is a “no-no” in the traditional grammatical sense.  However, I found the writing extremely compelling and moving, as did many others.  That book has sold phenomenally well.

Be Yourself

The worst strategy is to adapt to someone else's wishes.  This kills any remote chance of moving forward let alone being happy with who you have become.  This is called developing your personal brand.  

When you are tackled at work, by a friend, or in business, be true to your principles, ideals and vision.  It's always good to be nice, but at times you do need to stand up to be heard, particularly after a rough tackle.

We each have one life to live and it's up to us to live it the way we believe is right for us.  Operating with this frame of mind, you will find the Smooth Sale! 


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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1039

Keeping promises keeps clientele and career

Upon reading a post about the anticipated corporate job reviews that in the end turn out to be dismal, as well as reading about poor customer service, it became compelling to write about the importance and how to turn the glaring situations around.

The old adage, "Only make promises you can keep" applies to everything we do.  Unfortunately many people do not adhere to this, and the lack of doing so reflects poorly both on their personal and business brand.  The complementary sales motto is, "people buy from people they know, like and trust."  Not keeping promises will destroy any resemblance of trust from current clients, and may well spread bad word of mouth to the point where you are forced out of business.

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While planning for the New Year, reflect back on promises made this past year to answer the following questions:

Did you follow through on promises in a timely fashion?

Punctuality is key, but sometimes "things happen" preventing timeliness.  When this occurs, it's best to take the lead ahead of time to explain things going awry. List the steps you plan to take to fix, and ask for permission to continue.  When you get the green light, it signals all is still good on the other end.

Were expectations met and possibly exceeded?

When it comes to clients, it is abundantly clear whether they are satisfied or not.  However one is sometimes blind-sided on year-end reviews.  On occasion, the expected promotion turns south.  To avoid mishap, as much as possible, always keep file folders for client and management expectations and agreements.  Maintain another file folder detailing accomplishment of those agreements.  Include everything that reflects praise and/or awards for over-achievement.  

Prior to any work review or client meeting, have those documents at your fingertips in case a negative statement is heard.  Rather than getting into a disagreement, an improved approach is to calmly say, "I'm surprised to hear that because this is what I received from you, and what has been accomplished to date".  No need for arguing, but there is a need for an honest dialogue.

Where did you encounter difficulty and what lessons may be learned and applied in the future?

Those most determined to succeed apply hard analysis to the difficult event to figure out how to avoid in the future.  Many times, the process leads to a much improved path making the difficulty seem as if it were a gift. 

How would you rate overall satisfaction today, and how may you improve upon in the future?

Consider whether you did everything in your power to deliver your best, and whether praise was heard along the way.  When we give our best but it isn't appreciated, it's a clear sign to move on.  Appreciation signifies whether the qualified "match" is there to continue the same.

When you work to deliver your best and keep promises made, most often you will develop an incredibly loyal clientele.  The loyalty transforms into repeat business, referrals and testimonials – the core of the Smooth Sale! 


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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1038

Your messaging defines your audience

Is there a special someone who always delivers the best message on a greeting card or the gift that was made for your specific taste?  It's a treat to receive this type of message and gift because not everyone has the knack for giving these.

Let's turn this around a bit in reference to the holiday season along with future business development, career change, and ultimate sales.  No doubt you have a few special people for whom to buy gifts, or many to send cards to this season.  The selection you make for each will further clarify whether you are on the same page, and may ultimately determine future agreements.

In reality, gifts and messaging is similar to making a sale.  They are both based upon the ability of truly understanding the other person and delivering what they need, want and desire.  There is one additional element to consider.  Undoubtedly, you have peers that offer the perfect gift or service that may be shared within your personal circles.  In this instance, not only do your friends get added enjoyment from receiving the perfect gift but your peers are appreciative of the non-solicited promotion.

Your goodwill gesture serves to establish a large win for many, and that's the purpose of excellence in sales.

YouTube Preview Image

Modeling my advocacy for today, three female entrepreneurs have developed remarkable products that I know friends and colleagues will enjoy, including readers of this blog.

1.  Satchi Fudge in a jar 

Most everyone views good chocolate as a treat.  Aricia Schaefer's fudge is so good it began to win awards at inception.  Today specialty shops carry the fudge in addition to being available online, and clients provide loving testimonials!

2.  Women's Advantage Calendar

Producing this sought after calendar has Mary Cantando sorting through many thousands of short business tips provided by female entrepreneurs.  The goal is to publish the 365 best tips of all received, to showcase and provide motivation each and every day of the year.

3.  Success in Beauty:  The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Success

A five-time best selling author, radio show host, and renown beauty expert, Charlotte Howard, created a collaborative author effort by those willing to share their stories.  Each story represents a seemingly devastating experience upfront that turned into highly rewarding outcomes.  The book is meant to inspire, teach, and motivate readers to become their best. 

"Over the river and through the woods…"

Entrepreneurship has been a long journey for each of us.  Prior to any of these products becoming market available, we each developed strong bonds.  Our communication over the years showed we were squarely matched with values, priorities, and vision.  It became a natural given to help one another grow, and volunteer promotion as services developed, thereby further strengthening our relationships.  

Of all the people you know, whose work do you admire, who may you promote, and who offers the right gifts / messaging for your friends and clientele?  Promoting others builds relationships and future opportunity that lead to the Smooth Sale! 

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1037

Promotion that creates goodwill and community cheer

By participating in groups that have a definitive purpose, and are well matched to your core principles and values for conducting business, good fortune comes in meeting many talented professionals.  

Good rules for engagement include, first strive to get to know one another to help one another grow.  This leads to improved advice and appropriate collaborative promotion.  

YouTube Preview Image


Who do you know that has a special gift, product or service that is perfect for giving this holiday season and on-going through the year?  Is it time to highlight in a blog, article, book, radio show or social media?  What if someone else did this for you, would it make you happy?  Take the lead on this gesture and experience the reward.

Job Seekers

Although highlighting others is not a direct route to securing a new job, the act highlights the fact that you are a team player.  In particular, being seen actively promoting others will serve to build a strong personal brand.


This season, American Express did something very special.  They chose to actively promote small businesses for a nominal fee.  This concept should be considered throughout the year, as your return will be increased loyalty from many.  

Holiday spirit throughout the year provides a win-win for all – the #1 sales philosophy for earning additional and larger sales.

My Turn to highlight those who promoted me:

One to One

A very good friend, Aricia Schaefer, developed Satchi Ananda Fudge in a Jar.  The first time she exhibited her fudge at the local county fair, she ran away with the awards.  We were both excited!   Although not an employee or stakeholder, I am eager to help her make it a success.  At the same time, through the years Aricia has shared my business books with everyone she knows.  Our mutual promotion of one another has been unique and highly rewarding for us both!

Fortune 100

Due to my social media activity and sales knowledge, Microsoft asked that I contribute to 3 of their e-books.  The first, Always be Closing, was recently published and contains a wide perspective for conducting business, written to help their current and prospective clients, as well as those educating themselves, through the collaborative effort.

Sales Group

Kelly Riggs, Business Locker Room, asked members of our online group to contribute their best sales advice in his new e-book, One Piece of Advce.  It is beautifully presented on several levels; easy to read, beautiful graphic design, and outstanding sales advice from each.  This book is a true gift in the form of a free e-book for all to take advantage of top sales knowledge.

Media Connection

Upon hearing my unusual story as her radio show guest, Charlotte Howard, a 5-time best-selling author, asked that I contribute the story to her upcoming anthology of like-minded authors.  Success in Beauty: the secrets to Happiness and Fulfillment, is not just for the beauty industry, but for everyone to read, learn and implement on how to change their mindset to perceiving disaster as good fortune.  Every single story and of various kinds spoke to the fact that facing very steep hurdles made them a better person and are grateful for the disaster they incurred.  This book also became an instant best seller to Howard's and the contributing authors' names.

One to One plus Corporate

An offer by Miles Austin,, to promote the LinkedIn free e-book plus paid course was made, and I accepted due to knowing the material is highly beneficial.  For companies considering the education for their teams, please contact me for negotiated terms.    

LinkedIn e-book and Course

Learn About Linkedin


Observing the best, self educating and subscribing to programs fast tracks performance.  Promoting others builds relationships and future opportunity leading to the Smooth Sale! 


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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1036

"No" leads to "Yes!"

Most professional salespeople freeze when they hear the word, "no", let alone those seeking to advance their career or trying to build their entrepreneurship.  The next time you unexpectedly hear the word "no", heed this age-old wisdom: "Stop, look, and listen" and then re-negotiate.

YouTube Preview Image


Quickly gain composure and strive to comprehend what was just said.  The sad part is most salespeople kill the sale themselves by becoming argumentative.  When you hear "no", there are generally several reasons for that answer.  

- Not enough upfront research was completed regarding need, wants and desires of the client

- Budget wasn't asked upfront but was instead, “assumed”

- Generic solutions were offered rather than a customized approach

- The prospective client felt the sale was more important to the salesperson than truly being of service

It is up to the person selling services or themself on an interview to figure out where the big question mark(s) remain.


Take a 360-degree view of the situation.  Do you honestly believe you listened fully to what your prospect or hiring manager was telling you?  What is their face telling you right now?  Do they seem approachable to figure the situation out or do you need to move on?


Question and answer is always your best answer both on initial meetings all the ways through to the end of the sales cycle, referred to as “the close”.  Upon hearing "no", return with "Why?"  Very often there is a miscommunication that needs to be ironed out.  Delve into what you might have misunderstood, left out, and ask for suggestions.  It's quite possible further research needs to be done or the proposal revised.  When you operate in this manner, you will frequently be provided with a second opportunity to make it right and get to “Yes!”


Before you offer alternative ideas, make certain all of the prospect's ideas are listed in full.  Ask them to prioritize and then secure a targeted budget.  Ask what else needs to be in place for a decision in your favor.  Adhere to everything requested as best you can. Get a timeline for the revised proposal.  Returning with a renegotiated contract usually moves the "no" to "Yes!"

Strategically Sell

The best advice ever received was that one person doesn’t make the answer so.  Therefore, when you are selling to a company of more than one person, ask in your first meeting, “who else will be involved in the decision making process?”  Attempt to meet as many decision makers as possible, and then get them to agree to a “meeting of the minds”.  The negative person may be persuaded or over-ruled by peers to move forward.

Take the leadership position by directing the conversation so that you receive a consensus of what is needed, wanted and truly desired.  Working in this manner builds relationships best and will more frequently lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Strive to Improve

Observing the best, self educating and subscribing to programs fast tracks performance.     

LinkedIn e-book and Course

Learn about Linkedin



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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1035

Turn disappointment into happier moments

Through the years, it has been evident that when one "thing" does not turn out the way it should, several follow all in a row. Technology drops, clients misinterpret what was said, or anticipated delivery gets pushed back, way back.   It makes for a depressing day or week – but only if you let it be so.  It's easy to stress about "Why does this always happen to me?"

This line of thinking accomplishes little and usually serves to work against us.  The better route is to turn the situation around recognizing most everyone experiences the same, at some point.  

The conversation to have in your mind is similar to the one you might have in a meeting with peers or prospective clients who say, "I can't do that".  As a leader, the reply would be, "Don't tell me what you can't do, but tell me what you can do."  This is the exact same conversation to have with your internal self when events go south.  

YouTube Preview Image

Find a quiet spot in order to allow an almost meditative state to take the floor.  Start contemplating what you CAN do about the situation(s) in question.  Surprisingly, you might find a number of new options as you allow your mind to flow and open up to new possibility.  As new ideas are recognized, a tinge of motivation and excitement are felt.  In the moment, keep building the momentum of excitement with finding added possibilities to pursue.

Once you have exhausted ideas, begin building a prioritized formal list of what to pursue next.  One by one, examine the time and cost of implementation to include self-education or formal training should any be required.  Those seeking new jobs may consider doing the same should interviews be few and far between.  

How may you improve your search, and what might you add to grow your possibility list? Have you considered learning improved usage of LinkedIn for your job search or connecting with better qualified prospective clients?  This could potentially be an excellent first step.  

Now that a prioritized list is in place, it's time to put a plan of action together to make your idea become a reality.  This begins with the largest vision imaginable, and, with all of the reward at the end of the rainbow included.  Then drill down backwards to figure out milestone achievements, projects, and daily commitments to reach your distant vision.  

The biggest differentiator between those who achieve their goals and more, and those who do not is the commitment made to oneself to pursue every single working day.  Figure out a plan that is reasonable, and may be adhered to, in order to see your endeavor through to completion.  

Your mindset fixed on commitment and determination is what will serve to build a formidable personal brand and get you to the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1034

7 Things You Need to Know about Backing up Your Website

Guest Post by Parker Hansen

Shakespeare, it turns out, understood the problem of unsecured websites. “To be thus is nothing;” he warned, “But to be safely thus…” That's a fancy way of saying that all of your hard work could be gone in a flash unless a backup is saved somewhere else. In the business world, a server crash can bankrupt the enterprise, so an industry has sprung up to make sure data backups are securely in place. Whether your website was built for work or play, you need to take backups just as seriously.

Backup countdown

Here are the top seven things you need to know about protecting your online investment:

7. Before you start, know which files to back up based on what type of website you have. For blogs using sites like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, you'll need to copy not just the posts but also the databases and themes. There are many plugins for backing up WordPress, which is the top blogging platform. For the others, there are a few simple ways to back up your blog.

6. For websites other than blogs, contact your Web hosting company and find out if they make automatic backups. The top Web hosts automatically make backups when you make changes to the site. This won't help in case of a natural disaster at the host location or if the hosting company goes bankrupt. Do you really want to put your online life in their hands? Find out about their backup policy, how they do restores and then save another backup in a different location.

5. How often do you need to make a backup? That depends on how often you change your site. Backup software normally allows you to schedule regular backups. Keep five to ten backups, which equates to weekly or monthly backups for the majority of sites. Backup your site every time before you start a software or plugin update. This is when things often go wrong quickly and irreversibly.

4. One out of every five websites will be hacked over the next year alone, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance. That can take several forms, such as stealing data, replacing your website with their own illegal or unethical data that will be traced to you, or installing viruses or malware that attacks visitors to your site. A backup protects both you and everyone that comes to your site.

3. How much should you spend on backup software? Just think about how much your time is worth. How much time and effort would it take to recreate your site if it was lost? If you have an online portfolio, your next job could depend on your backup. What if the site is down when your future employer looks for your resume? How much would that be worth to you?

2. You're not alone. Earlier this year, the U.S. Post Office lost both their database and their backup because the two were stored together. It was a database of security breaches so it was a pretty big deal that they lost it. They did keep a hard copy in another location, but now somebody has to sit and type all that data back into the database.

1. Protect yourself from sadness. In a recent survey, 57 percent of people who had lost things were more upset by losing data than items. Sometimes, pictures, thoughts and comments can never be replicated or replaced.

There's a rumor in the theater world that Shakespeare was the first director to use understudies so at least one actor knew the lines. If that's true, then he really did invent the “online” backup. Even if your website isn't exactly Shakespeare, it deserves to be preserved. No one can truly appreciate how valuable something is until it's gone forever.

These steps provided by Parker Hansen are critical for every business, entrepreneur and those seeking jobs.  Professionalism in every sense serves to build a strong brand and wider clientele.  Likewise consider the following video to resolve client issues:

YouTube Preview Image

Without the ability to retrieve data should a mishap occur, will prove to be a nightmare.  Save stress by following his advice to enable the Smooth Sale!

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Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Sales Tip #1033

'Tis the Season to Reconnect

Professional salespeople recognize that it is never too late to reconnect with someone, particularly if that person has been on your mind.  And if it feels as if “too much time has passed,” there is no need to feel embarrassed because everyone enjoys being remembered.  To eliminate awkwardness, simply state in your communication that you were thinking of the person.  The conversation will begin on a friendly note and quite possibly, take business in a new direction for next year.

It is a known fact that most business is conducted the last quarter of the year due to a need for using up remaining budgets.  But most people give up by mid-December believing “everyone is on vacation.”  That’s not necessarily the case.  The extra effort it takes to find out who exactly remains in town, and who would like to do business, becomes well worthwhile.  After all, many of those competing for the business have mentally “left town”.  This becomes a great opportunity to end the year on a high note and potentially have business waiting in the first quarter of the New Year.

Ideas for Reconnecting

Social media promotes names of individuals in a variety of ways, some of which sound familiar.  During the holidays prioritize the ones you do know in order to learn if there is some way to help one another grow business or career.  Your best job comes from those you already know, and by having friendly conversations, ideas for business blossom.

Call people; specifically the ones you have thought of but haven't had the time to acknowledge.  If a long time has passed, ask what they have been up to and inquire as to their plans in the New Year.  This should develop a fruitful conversation.


On occasion, you find you have so much in common with the other person that the two of you brainstorm ideas for collaborating on projects complementary to what is already in place.  This is the area that does wonders for most to pick up speed on their business.


Through your numerous communications, either one of you may have an idea of who else might benefit from a similar conversation. Offer to make an introduction and explain why the thought came to you.  Doing so will increase the interest and odds for the two to connect. It’s possible that down the road, all of you may combine forces to launch a new project.

Good cheer during the holidays and goodwill toward others will direct you to the Smooth Sale!

By focusing on the tough questions and possessing a willingness to learn from other perspectives, you will significantly increase your opportunity for success.  This is the key for building a well recognized brand along with attracting a wider clientele.  My mission is to help you more easily achieve the Smooth Sale!

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