The Opposite Not Only Attracts But Provides Stability


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  The Opposite Not Only Attracts But Provides Stability

We frequently hear that opposites attract when it comes to finding sound relationships.  As a personal example, my husband is able to assist with fixing computer issues and items that break while I’m the one who keeps the social calendar going.  But when it comes to the larger picture and outside interests, we are on the same page. 

The same applies to career and business.  The only exception to the rule for any situation is to be certain your values and priorities match.  At the very least you are able to find common ground together.  The idea of opposites attracting should also be taken under serious consideration as to the benefits that working with opposite minded people may bring.

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Service Providers

While you may not enjoy someone’s personality as much as you would like, consider the following: 

  • Does the person bring to the table the information you need?
  • Are they better adept at reading between the lines?
  • Are you confident they will put you on the better path?

Read Differing Opinions

Self-education is a necessity for advancement.  Reading and listening to people of varied opinions will bring about the broader scope of a subject.  Your increased understanding of the topics will enable you to make improved decisions in the future.


When it comes to voting for new leaders the same principles apply.  The United States now has an unusually large number of candidates competing to be on the Presidential ballot.  Opinions of these candidates range from far left to far right and everything in-between.  But by listening to the upcoming debate listeners will have an improved understanding of which one best matches priorities.


The next time you need to make a purchase consider all of the suppliers offering what it is you need.  When it comes to a pricey service, interview at least three providers.  Take time to determine which suppler will not only offer what you need but who may also put you on an advanced path to fast track your progress.


With the understanding that your prospective clientele may be interviewing others as well, the first question to ask is why you were chosen for an initial meeting.  And then ask many more questions to understand the complete picture of their perspective for where they see their issues as well as solutions. 

By putting your clientele first in order to obtain a broader spectrum of how you may assist will open the door to larger sales.  Continuing this type of service will lead to repeat business, referrals and testimonials also known as the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, Career Press

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How Are People Talking About You?


Attract the Right Job or clientele: How Are People Talking About You?

In my youth, I was advised not to talk about others or it would be seen as gossip and could get nasty.  Fast forward to business, we do want people talking about us but only in a good way. 

Your Personal Brand

Our reputation precedes us becoming the basis for our personal brand.  This then transfers to how people speak of us as well as our business.  I have found the main differentiator between those struggling and the successful is the level of care service providers show their clientele.  By striving to always do your best and putting the client’s interest first will have your clientele singing your praises to everyone they know.                                                                                                                             

Field Example

Last night my husband and I decided to go to a movie.  The young person behind the register very tactfully asked if either of us happened to be a senior citizen.  The reason behind the question is that the theatre offers senior discounts on Thursday nights.   The innocence of the question was perfect.  I then asked if she was trained to ask that.  She said no but knew on her own to ask.  No doubt she will be hugely successful as she pursues a fulltime career.

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Business Plan

My business has always incorporated community service in the form of teaching job seekers how to use sales techniques to land their desired job.  Accordingly, I seek out counterparts who similarly work to help their clientele and who have community spirit included in their business plan. 

This model brought my attention to Text4Help  It is a 24/7 service for business and personal matters.  Upon further conversation it was learned that their technology is designed to include a texting program for schools to stop bullying.  The bigger plan is to seek grants and sponsors to provide the programs free of charge to the schools in the hope of getting all children out of harm’s way.  Mr. Elven Jone Jr. is the person in charge of developing the website. 


A side benefit to working on the behalf of communities is the good feeling that comes from knowing you helped others to succeed.  In the process, you are seen as a leader in the eyes of those you help.  People do begin talking about you to spread the news of your remarkable brand.

Sales Success

Taking this back to making a sale, the first sale is inconsequential.  When you work to benefit others, loyalty develops.  The loyalty then turns into repeat business, referrals and testimonials, the definition of the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, Career Press

Training and Coaching:

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3 Ways A Conversion Funnel Can Make Or Break Your Business


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  5 Ways A Conversion Funnel Can Make Or Break Your Business

A conversion funnel is a model that can help businesses understand the path their customers take from discovery to conversion. A good one can help spot leaks in the funnel and can help the business come up with strategies to plug those leaks. A hastily constructed or incorrectly formatted funnel, however, can do more harm than good by missing mistakes or giving false reassurances about the strength of the funnel.  The same principles appliy to the entire process of finding the best matched new job.

Many people will enter a conversion funnel, but only a few will make it out through the bottom.

Know The Elements of the Basic Conversion Funnel

The basic conversion funnel consists of four phases:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Conversion

The first phase, awareness, is when the potential customer first becomes aware of your brand, service or product. This is the largest section – or top – of the funnel. The next level, interest, is where potential customers become interested in your brand. This section of the funnel is smaller because most people who become aware of your brand will not become interested in it. The next section tightens even more, where some of the people who are interested in your brand form a desire to purchase your product. In the next phase, conversion, just a few of the people who became aware of your product will take action and convert.

Simplify Your Conversion Funnel

As discussed in the article "Oops! – 5 Common Mistakes When Optimizing Your Conversion Funnel," an overly complex website with too many entry points can lead to lost conversions. When websites are too complex, and potential buyers have to travel too far to get from awareness to conversion, the funnel spring leaks, and sales are lost unnecessarily.

Test All Changes

When you make any changes, no matter what section of the funnel it affects, always test before you implement. Whether you alter your payment system, your shopping cart, your Facebook ads, your paid tweets, your landing pages or simply a link in a social media post, always test it before it goes live. When a potential buyer clicks a broken link or lands on the wrong landing page, that person ceases to be a potential buyer.

A good conversion funnel will help you identify where you are losing potential customers and why.

Conversion funnels aren't actually funnels. In a physical funnel, all of the liquid poured into the top will eventually make it out through the bottom. This is not the case with a conversion funnel. Most of the people who enter at the top will "leak" out before they make it to the bottom. But by building a strong conversion funnel you can identify those leaks, leading to more conversions and more sales.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance business writer who covers social media and digital marketing.

Following the above suggestions will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, Career Press

Sales Training and Coaching:

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Read These Errors to Sell Better


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Read These Errors to Sell Better

It is difficult to express how upsetting it is to be the buyer witnessing the seller making the errors listed below.  I don’t expect everyone to have corporate sales experience but I do expect professionalism along with thoughtfulness.  Promise yourself to read the observations to be certain you don’t unintentionally upset a prospective client.


Most of us have a long list of tasks to be completed each day and strive for time efficiency.  Keeping people waiting is a big “no-no”.  However, yesterday I found myself waiting thirty minutes for someone to arrive on time for our pre-scheduled meeting.  There are so many reasons why we might be late on occasion but excuses never work. 

Call ahead to be certain you connect with the person to let them know you will be late.  Then ask if the later time still works.

Sales Strategy:  Avoid wasting the time of others.

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Drop-Off and Pick Up

Another way to show you are thoughtful of everyone is to pick up and drop off clients next to the curb.  Do not have your car sticking out in the middle of the street to have other drivers honking at you.   It’s unnerving for the clients plus puts a question mark as to whether you actually do perform on your client’s behalf.

Sales Strategy:  Be thoughtful in all regards.

Politics and Religion

In one short question, the seller asked us a dynamite-loaded question that included topics of both a religious and political nature.  It was dismissed as quickly as possible. 

Sales Strategy:  Unless you wish to cut your client potential in half, due to two highly debated topics, keep your thoughts away from clientele.


Some salespeople will avoid saying they aren’t familiar with a topic.  Others will deny having said something previously that turned out to be in error, and others may unintentionally confuse matters.  Denial compounds the problem.

We are all guilty of making errors like these from time to time.  Therefore there is no shame but one does need to take ownership of having done so.  Most people are forgiving. 

Sales Strategy:  Apologize to move forward.

Make it a habit to observe the actions of others.  Use these as a training ground for improving your game. These tips apply to career as well.  Another factor to consider is these habits affect one's reputation and personal brand.  However, executed well, relationships blossom and customer service appears as outstanding.

Lastly, Increased client appreciation develops into a returning and referring clientele known as the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, Career Press

Training and Coaching:

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Are You Consistent In All You Do?


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Are You Consistent In All You Do?

Nothing irritates me more than people going back on their word.  It isn’t quite a lie but nevertheless it isn't behavior that I care to be around.  Admittedly, I tested the waters today. 

Upon mentioning a revisit to a community that houses several condominium buildings, the real estate agent said, “Oh yeah, the one with the leaking ceilings.”    In my mind his big shoe size fit perfectly into his opened mouth.  Two months prior, the agent did his best to persuade us to move forward with living in the leaky building.

Words Actions Deeds plus body language and facial expressions require consistency when among friends and clientele.  In fact, approaching your clientele as if they are your friends will earn you a larger clientele.

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Write Your List

Have you given due consideration as to the areas of consistency in which you excel?  Write a bulleted list of everything you methodically do.  You know full well others may count on you for these actions.  For example, my list would include:

  • Punctuality
  • Follow-up
  • Honesty

Let’s examine the three items listed above.  If a person were to be intermittently punctual, have inconsistent follow-up patterns, or back out of what was previously said, most likely he would not earn repeat business let alone referrals.  In fact, luck would be on his side to not have a poor review posted online.

Least Admired

Now consider those people in business with whom you had a poor experience.  List out the factors contributing to the situation to determine if there were inconsistencies particularly with promises made.  Star those bullet points that particularly irritate you.

Most Admired

List those “go to” companies you turn to when their service is needed.  Most likely you have a few.  Did you consider they aren’t alone in their space but have competitors?  What is it about these frequented services that have you as a devoted customer?  List out their consistencies.


Are there lessons to be learned from the lists created under the least and most admired businesses?  What may you take away to add to your repertoire?


Review what you previously wrote for your consistency list to see what might be refined or added to the list.  These may well become your differentiators to be communicated to prospective employers or clientele to earn you increased business. 

These listed habits may enhance your reputation and personal brand.  They also serve to increase business leading to the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, Career Press

Training and Coaching:

Contact Me for Team Training or Private Coaching

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How to Boost Sales with Ease


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  How to Boost Sales with Ease

Upon entering the sales profession, I recognized a need to work with the highest level of integrity possible and to teach myself sales skills that weren’t being offered.  It soon became obvious to me that sales would increase if I were to:

  • Research companies and their industry prior to meetings
  • Focus on what my clients had to say
  • Ask for detailed information to obtain full understanding
  • Ask for clarification on anything I did not understand
  • Get to know my prospective clients personally regarding family and/or career objectives
  • Be authentic – Be truthful – Serve Clients Well  
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My infamous story is that just by being my authentic self without knowledge of any sales strategy, I became the top producer by the 4th month.  How is this possible? 

People liked me enough to invite me in for additional appointments.  We built relationships and soon the trust and sales followed. 

The “anti-sale” approach works best:

Forego Sales Techniques

Positive Mindset


Simply by changing your view of “prospects” to “potential friends” your entire demeanor will be more relaxed.  Upon meeting with new clients, look forward to having an exchange of insights and creative ideas for a lively conversation. 

Also change the idea of “closing” to “building new opportunity”.  The first sale isn’t important compared to developing long-term relationships.  The reason is these lead to repeat business, referrals and testimonials plus a respected personal brand.

Yes I can!

Every morning remind yourself that you can get into a large company or conclude the sale.  This increases motivation to continue learning and exploring all possibility preventing the need to give up.

Be Personable

The sharing of past experiences and lessons learned along the way serves to develop relationships best.  In so doing, people get to recognize the true you.  Heart to heart conversations work the best.  Forgo sales techniques.

Share–Volunteer Information

One of the biggest factors contributing to sales success is to go out of your way to help your clientele.  Most others are merely available to get the sale but not put in the hard work.  The problem with the latter is that they only get one sale. 

Those who volunteer introductions and provide insight on how the client may improve results are the ones who become the trusted partners.  In the social media realm it is those who share their best insights that build larger audiences and gain global recognition.

The point to all of this is that sales education is important for knowing what to look for and how to minimize objections.  But eliminate sales techniques from meetings.  Instead, keep your conversation believable to build your career, business and personal brand.  And enjoy the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On InterviewsCareer Press

Training and Coaching:

Contact Me for Team training or Private Coaching


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Your Investment Should See Dividends


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Your Investment Should See Dividends

The title, “Your Investment Should See Dividends” holds true for many types of investments not just financial as dividends come in many forms.

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Whether you attend a prestigious university, hire a mentor, or self-educate, you will find big dividends as time moves forward.  You gain a broader understanding for your career or business, and begin to understand how the many pieces of the puzzle fit together.  Segmentation of knowledge greatly reduces audience reach, but with the newfound knowledge of how several areas complement one another, you greatly enhance what you may offer an employer or your clientele.

Some may say that hiring a trainer is much too costly. However, the thought should be reversed by asking, how much is it costing by not hiring a trainer?  Once in place, knowledge is not the only gain.  The bigger gain is newfound confidence which in itself is a priceless dividend.  


We make decisions of whether to invest in our business, possibly property, and sometimes the financial markets.  Some people throw money at something in the hope of finding a big payoff.  But those who wish to see true dividends will examine the facts while leaving emotion out of the decision.  


Likewise, seeing an idea taken from original thought all the way though to proof of concept, and actualization, takes a tremendous investment in time, money and effort.  The return on this type of investment may be monetary, or the focus could solely be the satisfying feeling of accomplishment. 


Recently, I hinted that another should invest in sales training.  It is aggravating for me, as the buyer, to experience errors that a somewhat experienced salesperson would have avoided.   The remark returned was, “sales training is too expensive”. 

Be forewarned that the cost of upsetting and losing clients is far more expensive.  Even worse would be a poor review posted on Yelp.

Another example is that of a condominium complex that only has 1/3 of the money suggested available in reserves should an emergency occur. any of Any resident attempting to sell their condo they will be hard pressed to explain the shortfall.  This will adversely affect the sale of their home.  The lack of funds will produce zero interest both from buyers as well as from investment.


In the end, whichever endeavor you choose to undertake, come to terms with your expectations of the outcome.  Adhere to it, set a timeline for completion, and persevere with all you have to make your investment of time and money pay off with dividends.  This should include encouragement of repeat business, referrals and testimonials, the definition of the Smooth Sale!

Should you wish a free 20-minute consultation regarding business development and sales, contact me today by visiting  My goal is to help you enjoy the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On InterviewsCareer Press

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Are You Ready to Revise Your Business Plan?

Are You Ready to Revise Your Business Plan?

You or someone you know may have grown up in a tough neighborhood, a difficult household, experienced bullying at school, or had to deal with being at the sub-zero level when it came to popularity.  And that is the very reason this morning ‘s conference call proved to be highly inspirational as I listened to the incredible projects each person has in the works.  They are committed to and

The inspiration came in upon learning, that each revised their past to provide an improved model for younger generations. is now the parent of and additional companies.  The calling to educate youth and get them off the streets and out of harm’s way is what brought everyone together.  

To provoke ideas, some of the members of the team are highlighted with snippets of their work.  Take time to consider how you, too, may do something similar associated with your own work.  My mantra is, When we each reach out to help at least one other, we may positively impact society.

LaRay Harris Sr. named his organization The Elite Kings. The organization was born out of his idealistic dreams and desires to see a basketball program founded on the principles of excellence (Elite) and leadership (Kings); offering rigorous basketball training while leading youth involved on a steady track to earning an athletic college scholarship. Through basketball, LaRay has found a way to get kids with basketball dreams focused on the possibility of attending the college of their choice. His belief is that if you can get through to a child at a young age, you can help mold their future.  

Marketing and P.R. are Shaniqua Smith’s strength.  Accordingly, she is helping with their effort of supporting children facing bullying and other challenges.

Another example is that of Melody Harris.  She, too, strives to educate and encourage children in a number of endeavors to include dance competition such as hip- hop and ballet.

Ervin Drew is a retired police officer. Ervin provides Text4Help to unlimited access to attorney firms, even in emergencies 24/7. And has over 30 years of experience. 

Our appointed President and Director of Operations, Vanessa Williams, has a passion for delivering innovative "Change the Game" solutions to complex problems that meet the customers' needs Improving overall communication and morale.   

Sharon Hooper recently joined the team.  Her day job is working with children who were born with physical challenges.  And her passion is coaching entrepreneurs with Vision Mapping Strategy to achieve a higher level of success than would otherwise be possible.

The commonality among all of us is that we each incorporate community service into our business plans.  On my end, I teach job seekers how to use sales strategy to sell themselves on interviews.

EmpireIam will become a University to include teaching children how to code.  Text4Help is an advanced form of 911 using today’s technology designed to keep children safe. is a communication partner in hospitals, libraries and schools.  The technology works with texting, video and telephones.  As the companies evolve, we will be headed toward safer communities and watching children grow into leaders.

Out of all of this, the added reward is to establish a strong personal brand that attracts a far wider audience, deepeer relationships and a thriving clientele.  Should you be inspired too, or need help of either a personal nature or with business, contact Sam Williams II at 612-888-2SAM.

Revising your business plan to include community leads to the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On InterviewsCareer Press

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The Value Of Text Message Marketing

Attract the Right Job or Clientele: The Value Of Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the oldest, simplest and most effective forms of mass marketing. Text message marketing is direct, intimate and cost-effective. The medium gives marketers incredible reach with open rates that can not be rivaled by any other platform. Here is a look at why marketers love text marketing.

Nearly 100 percent of text messages are opened within minutes of being received.

SMS Marketing: Unrivaled Reach and Open Rates

According to research, businesses increased text message marketing budgets at a rate of more than 100 percent in 2013 alone – and for good reason. Nine out of 10 consumers who have signed up for mobile loyalty programs feel they got a good value out of membership, and nearly two-thrids say mobile programs have steered a buying decision – but the truly staggering statistics have to do with the sheer reach of mobile messaging.

Recipients open 98 percent of all text messages – most within moments of being received. Marketing emails, on the other hand, are opened just 22 percent of the time. That is a comparison of nearly 100 percent vs. roughly one-fifth. Research shows that text messages are eight times more effective at engaging customers.

How to Utilize the Power of Text Marketing

As discussed in the article "How Businesses are Changing the Game with Text Messaging," everyone from small online entrepreneurs to big brands can find a place for SMS in their marketing strategies. For years, marketers have been using text messaging to send updates, offer deals, announce promotions, hold contests and give away gifts – but consider the versatility of SMS marketing.

When a speaker engages a group, he or she often ends a presentation with a slide containing contact information. But how many people actually write it down? If the same visual presentation ended with a slide that read: "text XXXX for a free gift," that number would rise exponentially. With the free ebook or download or whatever, the speaker could give all those respondents the contact information they would have otherwise ignored.

Follow the Rules

The Federal Communications Commission has instituted strict rules regarding spamming and unwanted text messages. The regulatory agency forbids using an autodialer to send messages, and insists that marketers get documented "opt-in" permission before engaging. Recipients must also be given a clear and simple "opt-out" option that allows them to stop receiving messages without giving information or a reason for exiting.

No other platform gives marketers the reach of text marketing.

Marketers have a cheap, effective, personal platform available at their fingertips in text-message marketing. The businesses that are finding the most success are the ones that are moving beyond traditional SMS campaigns and branching out into new, creative strategies. Get creative, but always follow the rules, and remember – use text messages to engage your customers, not just to broadcast.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance marketing writer who covers digital advertising and marketing trends.

Following Lisa's text messaging suggestions will guide you to the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On InterviewsCareer Press

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50 Tips to Fuel Sales


Attract the Right Job or Clientele 50 Tips to Fuel Sales

Client perspective and goals come first

Work authentically and with integrity

Believe you can and you will

Anything IS possible with the right plan and commitment in place

Change the word “failure” to “marketing research”; as long as you learn from error there is no failure.

The initial sale is not important compared to developing client loyalty in the form of repeat business, referrals and testimonials

Build your personal brand well to convert into all written and verbal formats

Keep promises that include follow-up on requests and being punctual

Share your best insights on social media to engage audiences

Intermix platforms such as articles that include video and links to services to appeal to a wider audience


YouTube Preview Image


Get to know your clientele personally and professionally

Lead initial meetings with questions and ask people how they chose their career

Always strive to build relationships whether a new or long-time client

Deliver your very best customer service to include quickly fixing problems

Train your team to mirror your customer service policies to increase client loyalty

Your clientele treated well becomes your salesforce in disguise

Every month track your top achievements, projects to be continued and those ideas that did not work.  Reset next month’s goals and projects.

Collaborate on projects to extend your reach

Commit to self-education to broaden your knowledge and reach.

On occasion hire a coach to quickly advance

As new ideas take hold, re-strategize where you are, what may be improved, and new services to be created

Newer people to entrepreneurship or sales should increase initial contacts by 2 each week until your days are completely and productively filled.

Perseverance is key to finding success

Putting your clients’ needs first, sales grow in size and longevity

Positive thought increases positive results

Your personal brand precedes your reputation

Reciprocity transports your power-branding program

Work to turn your clientele into your salesforce.

Create community wherever you are.

Donate 15% of your time to community service.

Research organizations to volunteer your expertise.

Step into the leadership spotlight by helping others.

Freely advise, answer questions, and provide assurances to those newer to business.

Provide value-driven classes through the better-matched organizations.

Be open to new ideas for partnering and projects to participate.


Establish value-driven fees for services

Have legal counsel review documents before signing

Protect your company from litigation with possible incorporation

Be discerning of all expenditures; focus initially on the necessities

Research effective and least costly methods for accepting payment

Negotiation works best as a collaboration where everyone sees a win

Attend seminars to learn about smart investing and protection of income

Revisit how you developed your personal brand prior to accepting “deals”

Speak your truth and truth will follow you as you remain in integrity.

Creative thought carries society forward. 

Old-fashioned etiquette coupled with new age technology is the Savviest strategy of all

The two best sales tools are your smile and communicating “Thank You”

To attract a global audience become savvy with cultural sensitivities

We only have one life to live; do so without regret

When we each reach out to help at least one other person, we may positively impact society

Following these tips will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Books For Sales Strategies:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks

HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On InterviewsCareer Press



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