Your Last Option is Usually the Worst


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Your Last Option is Usually the Worst

Sometimes it feels as if we are in the midst of taking a multiple choice test in school when faced with business choices. The negatives and positives ring loud and clear, but we can’t seem to find the definitive answer.

For some, the final answer is to give up to try something else. However, this is the worst option imaginable. The reason is, it may haunt you the rest of your life for not having first tried a different option.

Weigh all options first to find the one that will work well into the future.

My Story

There have been days when I wondered why I was relentlessly pursuing certain projects. The effort was frustrating and very tiring. Happier times appeared to be a distant memory. It would have been so easy to quit. But I knew to keep persevering past the errors made, and the challenges encountered.

What kept me going was the realization that I would miss:

  • The people with whom I had connected
  • Being in the know of leading edge business strategy
  • Continual learning and growing
  • Contributing to projects and communities


A perfect example was when I moved to a quiet little town filled with wonderful people but business was only about their town. I quickly became an outsider. Social media was my escape for six years. Upon moving to a metropolitan environment, similar minded businesspeople found me on LinkedIn. The large online network I had created in the in-between years became fortuitous for a brand new and improved outlook for the future.

One Option

During the quiet time, I recognized all of the subject matter I learned over time. The entrepreneurial education far surpassed anything prior. I chose to document everything in my new book, “The Wish: A 360 Business Development Process that Fuels Sales”.

Being that “calculated risk” is my middle name, I agreed to have the book professionally recorded by Tim Welch. Today the announcement came that the recorded version is available on Audible and will be marketed to Amazon and iTunes.  Check out the free option for trying the Audible membership.

None of this would have been possible if, out of frustration, I had given up. Sometimes we continue not knowing why, but the reason appears at a much later date.

YouTube Preview Image

Your Story

Are you struggling with a project or the direction of your career or business? The major consideration is whether you can ride out the storm of uncertainty. You may find it helpful to list the following:

  • What you enjoy most about your work
  • What you would miss if you called it quits
  • The specific challenges faced and potential solutions
  • How do you believe you will feel if you were able to finally get past the challenge?

By documenting your answers, you may well recognize where to change focus, and new paths to pursue along with a more positive mindset. It’s similar to the expression of lining up all of your ducks first. Doing so will position you to make a far improved decision of where to head next. And it just may lead to the Smooth Sale!

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How to Build Value and Build the Sale


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  How to Build Value and Build the Sale

Most sales professionals, entrepreneurs and job seekers are either too timid to ask for full value or weren’t trained on how to do so. The big concern is about pricing oneself out of the market. Yet, by under-valuing products and services, the effort becomes hardly worthwhile.

Sell value and deliver excellence in service to enjoy a loyal clientele

My Story

One company, for which I worked, paid lucrative bonuses for selling at list price. New on the job, I asked the top salesman how he was able to do it. Believing a woman would never have the guts to do the same, he gave me all of his tips. They were outstanding tips. By month four, I was the new top producer.

Initial Conversation

An initial conversation could apply to someone contacting you, meeting at an event, or having a first appointment. All of these scenarios require that you ask in your own words, “What specifically caught your interest?”

If there wasn’t any interest, the other person would have removed themselves from your presence immediately, or certainly would not have contacted you. Asking the question puts the ball in their court and almost always the need to answer is recognized.

Mirror Behavior

Most often people will try to “kick the tires” or say “no need, just curious”. At the first encounter, nothing is known about you so you have to prove you bring added value to the table above your competitors.

Once the prospective client answers the question provided above, mirror the “just curious” mentality. Reveal you are simply there to introduce what it is you have to offer.   Then state that it may or may not fit within their requirements, but it is in their best interest to research all options. Add that’s why you chose to spend the time with them. This will put the dialogue on a completely different plane.

Express Your Disclaimer

Once past getting acquainted, state that you may not be the least expensive provider. Quickly add the reasons why this is the case. Emphasize your unique style of delivery and quality customer care. It must all be true.


Early in the conversation ask for the client’s budget. This part of the conversation also leads to asking for the perceived timeline for getting started. You now have greater insight about the need, want and desire, and may more adeptly move to the invigorating part of the conversation.


It is said you need 3-5 buy-ins to get get to a sale. This is accomplished by asking questions throughout the conversation that lead to a “Yes” answer.

Example of a buy-in

Share a short story of how a client benefitted enormously from your help. Then turn this back into a question of, “Do I sound like the type of vendor with whom you might like to work?” The answer should be an obvious “Yes!”

Selling value sells professionalism and transforms into the Smooth Sale!

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9 Reasons Why People Buy From You and Will Continue


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  9 Reasons Why People Buy From You and Will Continue

If you ever wondered what motivates people to buy from you, all you have to do is think about your favorite vendor for a particular service. List all of the keywords that motivate you to return time after time. Many of the adjectives also apply to the qualities sought in job applicants while on interviews.

Build the Value in Your Brand, Your Service and in Personally Conducting Business with You

My Story

In the early days of corporate sales, the only instruction I received was, “People buy from people they know, like and trust”. It became my mantra to learn how to accomplish this.

Emotional Need Met

The personal conversation saved the day and my job. Inclusion of the emotional aspect earned many appointments. It became evident the person needed to pick a trustworthy vendor to provide what was needed, wanted and deeply desired.

Website / Profile

In order for prospects to consider you, your contact information must be easily found. Social media connection links are an excellent idea to increase prospective audiences, and the copy should be succinct and easy to read.


In addition to empathy being built at the start, value is to also be built. Acknowledge the research you did and which aspect of the prospect’s business intrigues you most. This shows you are willing to work for the sale and earn their trust.


Establishing your unique brand will build further value and interest. Prospective clients want to know the advantages of how you deliver service. Without bad-mouthing the competition, you are able to put a question mark in the client’s mind.

YouTube Preview Image


Asking for a checklist of what is required to earn the sale, demonstrates you will work on the behalf of the client. Beware though, this sometimes prompts a test from your prospective client.

The Test

Frequently prospective clients will ask you to research something to help them make the right decision. It can be time-consuming and annoying. But the only thing you can be certain of, is, if you don’t produce what was requested, you will not get the sale.


Listening and clarifying everything that is shared puts you in first place. And delivering upon everything promised will produce very happy and loyal clients.


After the sale is completed, check in to earn a gold star from for your client and solidify the relationship. This usually prompts a glowing testimonial.

Testimonials and Referrals

When you hear the glowing words, ask if you may use those on your website. Then ask if the new client might know of anyone else who could use a similar service. Getting these in writing and posted multiple places will bring you additional clients and a loyal clientele.

Following these 9 insights will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Varied Perspectives Provide A Balanced View and Improved Outcome


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Varied Perspective Provide A Balanced View and Improved Outcome

If you have ever belonged to a large group, you are familiar with what happens when one person offers an idea. A few members will hold their opinion to see what develops while a few others will be very opinionated regarding the topic. Slowly but surely, the majority will begin to provide a wide variety of ideas on the subject. By the end of the conversation, the better plan will usually emerge.

Listen carefully to make improved decisions.

My Story

This week, I shared an “opportunity” with a group that was offered by a startup. The company was seeking short and insightful contributions to a collective article. I personally see it as a quick way to contribute useful insight to a new audience and showcase my books. However, I was reprimanded by some for giving information away for free. Thus came the big divide.

But the email discussion produced an even larger discussion to include how the group may grow in visibility and profitability too. My initial offer was looked down upon. But, on the plus side, it encouraged discussion on how we may combine forces to further support one another and grow business.

YouTube Preview Image


For some, giving away free information isn’t an option while for others, it’s a part of their business model. And those in the middle put qualifiers on when and how they might contribute for free. From the discussion, I learned some very useful tips.

The questions become:

  • How will your decisions be based?
  • Are you solely interested in a monetary return or will you on occasion help others?
  • Do you see a two-way benefit by contributing?

Each decision reflects your values and how you wish to develop your personal brand. In the end, you attract the job or the clientele that is in alignment with your thinking.

Your Story

The most important aspect of any multi-person conversation is to carefully listen and consider all points of view. Some ideas will have you wanting to walk away while others will be highly insightful.

Take careful note of new insights of which you weren’t previously aware. Incorporate those ideas into your repertoire that will improve future decisions. Maintain this policy and over time, you will grow a thriving career or business and a well recognized brand.

The two things that prospective clients want to see from you are consistency and authenticity.   In the end, it’s up to you to implement what works best for your ideals. Operating in this manner will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Focus On Your Long Term Vision to Achieve More

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Focus On Your Long Term Vision to Achieve More

Every day tasks sometimes has us second guessing our activities. This is particularly true when those, from whom we expect support, either disappear or disappoint with their remarks. One of the more difficult aspects of business is to maintain a positive mindset by ignoring the distractions in order to move forward.

Always maintain your long-term vision and keep it close to your heart.

In the corporate world, setbacks are frequently experienced. The worst are delays in career advancement. There becomes a need to balance getting everything in order that is required against timing. The ideal would be to do everything possible to advance to the next level without having the need to quit.

My Story

A recent tweet reminded me of a significant point to always keep in mind. In my own words, should one day become disappointing, remind yourself of where you are headed and the next milestone to be achieved.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being featured on the Author’s Café Blab Show hosted by Dr. Bette Daoust. We were comparing the benefits and negatives of both the traditional publishing and self-publishing worlds. During the discussion, the above reminder was repeated to the Blab audience of aspiring authors.  After my first book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”, became an international best seller, a friend unknowingly told me that my writing style is awful and that I should give it up!  Obviously, I had my long term vision in mind, and chose to ignore the advice.

YouTube Preview Image

Perseverance is Key

Do you have a long-term vision? The definition would either be how you would like to ultimately be remembered for your work or the ultimate outcome you would like to achieve. Business plans are great but due to societal and technological change, they are to be flexible. This translates to the need to review your plan or milestones and projects every six months.

Review every goal set that is related to your distant vision. Have all projects worked well or were there some lessons to be learned along the way? Capture the positive and the negative. Reconsider the comments you heard. Was there truth to any of them? If so what is to be tweaked for future progress? And if the remark was laughable, what may be enhanced to ensure a great end result?

Accelerate Success

  • At the end of your semi-annual meeting, revise your business plan and adjust your goals accordingly.
  • Wherever possible, enhance or leverage one or all of your projects.
  • Don’t follow but lead to become seen as the leader

These three points are what will drive your business in the right direction and far more quickly.  Looking back it will almost seem as if it were a Smooth Sale!

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Make It Easy to Get to “Yes!”


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Make It Easy to Get to “Yes!”

One of the biggest errors seen among salespeople and entrepreneurs is they make doing business very difficult. So much so, that their prospective clientele gives up in frustration. The same may be said for some people seeking work in regard to their requirements.

Put yourself in the mindset of your audience as you review and implement services.


  • Missing contact information
  • Lack of timely response
  • Difficult instructions to interpret


Simplify everything you do.  Embrace the apps that will organize and make your systems more efficient, and where possible inter-connect these. While you utilize high-tech for efficiencies, it is the personal touch with clients that makes the difference. Take careful note of their preferences for when and how to follow-up. The differentiator becomes the attentive follow-through.


It’s important to be agile and adaptable to new ideas and trends. Even better is to be on the cutting edge. The more ways in which you are able to communicate, the wider will be audience attention.  Attracting that attention and providing the desired information will begin to fuel sales. Make it easy for your prospective clientele to respond. One click-through is the beginning of the process to getting to “Yes!”
































Online Communication

The wider the variety of communication platforms used, the far greater the opportunity to build relationships and earn sales. Today, we have video in a variety of formats such as Skype, YouTube, Periscope, and Blab, while social media platforms of different types appear to be infinite.

Your best strategy is to ask your favorite clientele which platforms they use and ask why. Then explore these to see if they appeal to you, too. Next, experiment with other platforms to find your preference. Find the ones you enjoy most. The enjoyment found in your work triggers success. Post information your intended clientele needs to know without pushing services. This attracts a pre-qualified following. They are pre-qualified because they like what you share and return for more. Using Twitter as an example, 75% of the time give away your best advice while 25% of the time add a short link to a quick tip. Your great advice is re-tweeted by previous strangers, and your following grows. Over time, your sales funnel begins to fill.

In Person Communication

Before you ever set out to sell, get to know the other person. Ask how they chose their profession and inquire of their future goals. Ask why a meeting was desired and the types of problems they are experiencing that you might help to resolve.

By putting yourself in the mindset of your desired clientele along with making it easy to do business, your sales success will soar.   Success transforms into earning a returning and referring clientele – the definition of the Smooth Sale!


The above graphic was supplied by Salesforce.  Their slogan reads “The Customer Success Platform”.  Visit their site today to learn how they implement services and earned their loyal clientele.


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What Does Your Sales Guide Look Like?


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  What Does Your Sales Guide Look Like?


You might be wondering if I’m referring to a Sales Manager or a Trainer. But I’m not. The real sales guide is your internal voice. Honest. You may have partners or management on your back to make a sale, but intuitively you know to stop for a moment to reconsider your options when the outcome begins to appear blurry.

Always be true to yourself for your clientele to be true to you.

My Story

Yesterday, I contributed to another blog in the way of providing answers to questions asked of me. One of the more interesting questions was, “What do you listen to when you work?”

Undoubtedly most people would list favorite music or a radio station. I’m one of the few who needs silence in the background in order to fully concentrate on the projects at hand. Sometimes as content is written or new projects are contemplated, it is as if a private conversation takes place with my alter ego.

On the one hand, I might sound peculiar. But on the other hand, it is the concentrated focus that provides a quicker and more effective product. And by quietly talking out the question marks involved will usually provide the right balance for presenting an improved service.

Sales Environment

Most often excellent sales training is provided by companies that wish to maintain their sales representatives for the long-term. The downside, however, is that more sales need to be produced in order to pay for the training. This then creates added pressure on management to make extra sales. They then pass on the stress to their reps.

It is at this juncture that each sales rep should knowingly stop to search their internal sales guide. Three questions arise to seriously consider:

  • Will the pressure cause you to be more insistent that the prospect purchase immediately?
  • What will that do to your relationship?
  • Will the added pressure only create a lost opportunity?
YouTube Preview Image

Entrepreneur or Employee

Your best sales guide is your very own set of values, priorities and unique ways of conducting business. In actuality, these are your personal business development plan and sales guide. Remaining true to these, no matter what, will allow your real personal brand to shine through. Jeopardizing this perception of you would be the worst error to be made. But when your clientele observes your allegiance, they will begin to trust you and award you with the sale.

It is the trust, credibility and relationship that are built in unison that produces the sale. Make a promise to never let anyone interfere with your process.  Keeping your promise will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Negotiate Your Way to Sales Success


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Negotiate Your Way to Sales Success

The topic of negotiation scares most people. But by viewing a negotiation as a friendly conversation seeking to find a happy ending for all parties, it becomes doable. Successful salespeople actually begin the negotiation phase at the first stage of contact.  Using a similar communication style for job interviews will work to your benefit.

Friendly negotiation with the intent to find the best solution for all parties usually results in acquiring the sale along with a loyal clientele.

Initial Contact
It is a rarity upon asking someone for an appointment, whether it be a cold call or a referral, that the person will be up for a discussion the moment you ask. People are busy. The general replies are either “I don’t have the time” or “I’m not interested”.

Your best option is to agree that time is short or that interest is limited. Agreement, in this instance, usually becomes an interesting experience. People are so surprised that you agree, they let their guard down to take another 30 seconds to listen to what you have to say next.

The best response is to suggest that “down the road” (best in your vocabulary) will be a better time to meet. A nod of agreement can almost be heard. Ask when the preferred time would be for you to check back in. When you do, most often an appointment will be granted.

Higher View
Relax and enjoy the conversation. Get the long term view of what the person is trying to accomplish and how they expect to achieve it. It may be so complex, you realize you can’t help as initially thought. But that’s okay. Determine if there is a secondary route you might take as a backup vendor. If there is, suggest it. Again most people are surprised by the “backup” offer and will ask for more insight on the matter.

The reason this is the case is due to the honesty involved. Your personal brand demonstrates integrity and that’s what clients usually care about most.

YouTube Preview Image

The Relaxed Team Approach
Even if you have a sales manager on your back urging you to make the sale, do not rush the process. Take your time. Ask to meet the team or those reporting to the person with whom you are holding the meeting. Get everyone’s input on what they believe will be a winning outcome.

The team approach seen as working to the benefit of everyone involved, will result in getting the team to cheer you on. The relationships are built on a strong foundation.  This builds tremendous value in the overall service you provide. And the value built eliminates the need to discount the pricing.

Asking for the Sale
Most sales are not given as an award. It’s up to the salesperson to ask for it. But the “ask” is the final key to the negotiation. Elements to include are:

  • When would you like to get started?
  • Timeline for delivery
  • Expiration of your offer

When you move the sales process forward from your prospective client’s negotiated viewpoint, your sales success rate will increase dramatically. You will be positioned to enjoy the Smooth Sale!

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Why Sales Fail and Improve Your Success Rate


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Why Sales Fail – Improve Your Success Rate

The best sales teachers are the people who sell to you. Most likely, you have dealt with awful experiences as well as excellent. A very good practice is to create a spreadsheet with two column headers: Good Sales Experiences and Bad Sales Experiences.

Underneath each header, list keywords or reasons the experience was either good or bad. Upon completing your list, you will see a profile emerge of what to avoid and what to potentially adapt to your style of selling. If you are a job-seeker the same communication principles apply for interviews.

Adapting the better sales techniques to your style will help grow both a satisfying career and a loyal clientele

  1. Evident Self-interest is First

The sole focus on the sale and the money it will bring becomes a primary sales killer.

Prospective clientele easily pick up on the motive. They want to know you have their interests in mind first before they invest their money with you.

  1. Research upfront is missed

The prospective client quickly recognizes whether the salesperson is informed about the company, the team and/or the industry. Doing homework upfront is a first-step requirement for earning the sale.

YouTube Preview Image
  1. Too Much Talking

Your client-to-be is most interested in their goals and possible avenues to achieve their problems.   Those salespeople who enter a meeting to talk non-stop about how wonderful their products and services may be, lose out on insight needed to earn the sale. A much improved tactic is to ask questions.  Begin with asking why you were invited in and how it is believed you might be of assistance. Strive to get the entire picture upfront.

  1. Not Handling Objections Correctly

When Objections are made, many salespeople tend to become argumentative. Adding fuel to the fire, they make a simple misunderstanding the prospect’s fault. This then turns into a much bigger problem. A far better approach is to ask either, “Why do you believe that?” or “What has been your experience?” The answer provides understanding and insight on how to respond with a diplomatic tone.

  1. Excuses

Those about to invest in working with you expect timeliness for appointments and for delivery of services. Although unforeseen circumstances occur, excuses never work. Call well ahead of the expected arrival/delivery time to let it be known you will be late. Ask for permission to continue. Be certain to provide a new estimate that allows more than enough time for delivery.

  1. Lack of follow-up

Requests are frequently made of salespeople that appear to be very time consuming and are ignored. It’s critical to follow-up on these requests. By going the extra mile you give indication that excellent customer service will be delivered after the sale.

As you progress through the sales cycle on a positive note, the best way to solidify the sale is to simply ask, “When would you like to get started?”

Following the above advice will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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To Be Fully Motivated Work to Inspire Others


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  To Be Fully Motivated Work to Inspire Others

 Have you considered how your expertise may help an individual, a special group or an entire community? Sometimes what holds us back is the lack of confidence that our insights are truly needed. The fact remains that no one fully possesses our knowledge or our unique delivery style. There is an audience who may benefit from the better insights we each hold.

The reward in work is bringing your passion to communities who then find the inspiration to succeed.

My Story

Simple notes of thanks have proved to be the most rewarding aspect of my work. It may come in the form of a short tweet or a nice handwritten note. I find any form of appreciation as highly motivating to continue learning and experimenting. They inspire the creation of new products and services.

What makes this so intriguing for me, is that I come from the corporate sales arena where earning the prized trip or huge bonus was originally of prime concern. In that frame of mind, I was very happy with my results. But later, as an entrepreneur, my mindset completely changed.  It became highly rewarding to know I helped many to advance either their career or help move their business forward.

YouTube Preview Image


In the United States, we are celebrating the work and wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr. of years ago. His words hold true today. Found on the Brainy Quotes website, was his statement “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others’?” 

Your Story

Take time to recall many of the questions asked of you concerning your expertise. Consider the following:

  • Is there a common theme to these?
  • Did a particular question intrigue you enough to learn why it was asked?
  • Do your answers to the above two questions lead you to considering new ideas for benefitting a community?
  • How will applying your insights to the community advance your work?

As you take all of this in and capture the notes, you may very well recognize how you may develop new services or advance your career. Begin formulating a plan to help others and how to get the service known. Next, decide how you will get your information across. Third, create new products or services related to the community project for a more robust effort.

While this sounds like a lot of work for freely giving insights away, the reward is enormous. The bonus may be that the effort will lead you to companies that will also see benefit in working with you. You may also find a new revenue stream in the form of sponsors.

When you work with the idea of community, and that anything IS possible, that is when you are very likely to find the Smooth Sale!

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