Take your own advice on questions that matter to improve results


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Take your own advice on questions that matter to improve results

The reason we stress out about situations is that deep down we know the answer, but we don’t want to admit it.  If someone else were to ask us how to resolve the same dilemma, most likely the answer would quickly be forthcoming.  Why is that? 

There are probably a variety of reasons we find it difficult to face the truth when it comes to self.  But deep down it might be some kind of embarrassment of not knowing as much as we believe we should, or, on occasion, we try too hard to be good people when in fact it isn’t appreciated.

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The next time you face a difficult decision or one that puts you in an awkward position, try the following steps:

Ask yourself plenty of questions:

  • What have you always done in the past?
  • How have you advised others?
  • What are the pros and cons for moving forward?
  • What is the greatest loss or greatest gain to be seen from each pro and con?
  • What are you ultimately trying to achieve?
  • How will the decision affect your personal brand?

Scorecard and Bottom-line

Document all of your answers.  Attach a dollar amount as appropriate to see if in fact the decision will affect the bottom-line.  Now put the positive answers in a group and prioritize according to importance.

Revisit the prioritized group in terms of how others might alter their view of you and what you represent.  Anything that would poorly affect your reputation should be tossed aside and never to be revisited.


Usually dilemmas are created in an association with one or more other people.  The truth expressed diplomatically supersedes everything else.  If at all possible, use questions instead of declarations. Or try developing creative ideas to improve the situation.  But if you still have a nagging feeling after all of this, the best strategy is to walk away.


While it’s difficult to prevent mishaps 100% of the time, steps may be made to get closer to that percentage.  The first is to associate with people who have similar priorities and perspective on life.  This begins the journey of greater enjoyment.  Know your values inside out and remain faithful to them, and, know your value.  Don’t be made to feel you have to do something just because…

Should you be a mentor, or a manager of a team, the above guidelines taught, to the people you help, will help them to lay a stronger foundation.  For further insight, NextGenLeads provided a collaborative response to the question of managing sales teams.  The practice of managing others will keep us in line for managing our own next big decision, and will keep us on board with the Smooth Sale!

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5 reasons why you should actively participate in a work support group


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  5 reasons why you should actively participate in a work support group

The benefits of belonging to an online support group are many.  In the end, you eliminate the need to second-guess any decision, plus you have the luxury of people alongside you who motivate and promote your success.

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My own example is that of an online sales group to which I belong.  Some people are consultants for organizations while others are entrepreneurs in a variety of capacities. Accordingly, we each approach sales differently, thereby providing an overall well-rounded perspective for any question asked of the group.


Upon asking a question, the multiple perspectives provided produce a well-balanced basis for making a sound decision.  For example, the question was raised regarding professional speaking overseas with the issue of no honorarium being paid.  Answers included:

  • Unless it is seen as an opportunity to travel, not receiving an honorarium is not a good idea. 
  • Travel takes one away from paid work as it is, so unpaid speaking compounds the lack of income. 
  • Word of speaking for free of fee will quickly spread to other coordinators killing future opportunity for paid speaking. a further
  • Further warning was to never provide a credit card for any reason including reimbursement for travel.  Instead, use another type of account that may not be compromised.


Any time a member has something special to promote, every group member participates.  This activity alone produces an excellent platform to get your brand seen and known.


The collaborative effort may include promotion of individual work or it may be of the entire group working together on a project.  We recently enjoyed a high energy of a Twitter Chat on the topic of sales.  The questions and answer received more attention than ever from our collective followings.  New ideas for further collaborative projects are likely to happen.


It’s safe to say that on occasion just about everyone has a poor experience in the business world.  And it is a welcome relief to know there is a group awaiting you, willing to listen, provide insightful thought on how to proceed, and to be there for you when you need it most.  After all, it’s a support group.  We all need that from time to time no matter which industry we represent. 

All of the reasons why you should seriously consider belonging to a similar group, and the results they bring, provide the motivation we need to continue forging ahead.  Being of this mindset will lead to the Smooth Sale!

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Sales Babble Leads to Insightful Conversation

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Sales Babble Leads to Insightful Conversation

The energy among professional salespeople is something to behold.  Even better are the crazy stories we have each experienced and lovingly share.  Not only do these stories produce great laughter, but they also are excellent reminders of how not to sell as well as the better version of sales professionalism.

Babble usually refers to meaningless conversation that just occupies time.  But in this regard, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Pat Helmers, the host of the Sales Babble Podcast show.  We had a wonderful conversation regarding sales, hardships encountered, and how we overcame those.  We shared comedic oriented stories as well.  But all in all, a wealth of information was shared between the two of us.

Podcast Link:  The Smooth Sale Pricing Process with Elinor Stutz



Question and answer works best, but even better is to admit when you do not understand an answer.  Ask for clarification

Entering An Office

Before launching into the sales cycle, ask why you were invited in for a meeting in the first place.  This is the way an honest dialogue begins.

Specific Questions to Ask

  • What is your ultimate vision and personal goals? 
  • How do you believe I might be able to help you achieve some of these?

Personal Brand

We each have a unique DNA, think differently, and so doing the same as everyone else will only keep us as average.  If you want to truly excel in any endeavor, approach it from your personal perspective.  The success may take a bit longer, but experience shows it is worth the wait.  The bonus becomes having done it your way.

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Most people sell on the lowest price they are able to offer.  This is true to get the job or the sale.  But when you indicate that you deliver outstanding service each and every time, you drive the value of your service or of what you are able to command as an employee.


The point of having an excellent interview experience, as Pat and I had, or a great conversation with a hiring manager or a potential client is to have a fluid give and take conversation.  Be truly interested in what the other person has to say, as well as their ideas and perspectives.  Take a stance of being of service to help them to achieve their goals.  Working in this manner greatly increases your odds for having fruitful conversations and ultimately achieving your own goals.  It becomes the Smooth Sale!

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What to Do When Communication Stops


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  What to Do When Communication Stops

There are occasions when communication between you and another stops.  We hear the sounds of silence.  This could be in the case of a friend, a hiring manager, or a client.  The attempted tries to get in touch that follow don’t seem to help, and this can be troublesome.  You have choices of how to respond.

Second Guess

The usual reaction is to wonder what you did wrong.  You second-guess yourself.  This only leads to stress and doesn’t resolve anything.  A better approach is to recognize you did everything you could to encourage a dialogue.

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Balance persevering vs. self-worth

An improved approach over second-guessing is to vary the communication style in the hope of connecting. You might send an e-card, or try to message online, but you also don’t want to undervalue your time or self-worth.   If there is no response, let it be.

Time Management

Chasing a relationship that isn’t meant to be will only drain your time and effectiveness, both of which negatively affect your bottom line.  Focus instead on your better matched friends, hiring companies or clientele.  This mirrors the sales philosophy to qualify and match.  Doing so eliminates extra stress and allows you to perform to your best standards.

Sell Your Value – Always

You can probably tell by now that the scenario has happened to me a few times over.  It’s frustrating at best.  As previously stated, recognizing your self-worth builds value in you.  Over time, a number of people went silent on me.  I actually became accustomed to it, and let them have their space. 

One person remained silent for over two years, but she and all of the rest eventually wrote a letter of apology saying how much they valued knowing me.

Walking away on occasion is very similar to a sales technique known as “the sales takeaway”.   On occasion (not always) it may be appropriate to tell a prospective client, it’s possible your product is not for them.  For some strange reason this has that prospective client paying keen attention.

The point of all of this is that sometimes, although you do your very best on job interviews or selling to a prospect, the communication seems to die.  It completely ruins your day and sometimes even an entire week.  It’s not worthwhile to allow this to happen.  As long as you are certain you are performing at your best levels, you have nothing to regret. 

Your only job is to find the hiring company or clientele that appreciates you and wants to work with you.  This is precisely what leads to the Smooth Sale!

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Ask for Feedback to Move Forward Harmoniously


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Ask for feedback to move forward harmoniously

You might have just landed a new job or an exciting client.  In either case, putting your best foot forward is essential for building a long lasting relationship.  Proceeding from the employer or client point of view will work to your benefit for making that happen.

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New Hire and New Client Milestones

New-hires are generally put to task by having to follow documented goals with timelines included for moving forward.  Expectations are clearly laid out for what needs to be accomplished in their first ninety days.  This becomes a test of performing to one’s best capability in order to earn permanent employment.

 Upon landing your next exciting client, it would be a good idea to follow a similar path.  Once satisfaction is expressed with the service sold, ask for a follow-up meeting.  Lead with inquiring as to goals laid out ahead for the company and how your service may contribute to those.  This type of inquiry implants the vision that you are in there for the long term.

Pending Clients

While in conversation, be sure to speak to expectations of today.  Should some creativity be included in your service, ask to implement a trial sample.  Explain that you want to be certain you are on the same page with the project, and welcome feedback to ensure such.  Your client will sense the integrity with which you work and will pitch in to help you do a good job. 

The above insights stem from the philosophy of proceeding from your client’s (hiring company’s) point of view.  By taking their perspective in first, they will be far more receptive to yours.  Is this 100%?  In working with others, rarely will you find a strategy that works all of the time.  However, this strategy has proven to work most of the time.

From the client perspective, it’s about liking and trusting you, and believing you work with integrity.  Asking for feedback and implementing their suggestions provides confirmation that you are in fact the right person for the job.


Adhering to everything you claim to do, and to be, builds a very strong personal brand to your favor.  Most of the competition is knocked out of the park.  Your reward becomes not only a returning clientele, but also one that promotes you to everyone they know.  This is how you establish the Smooth Sale!

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Poor Experiences Occasionally Enable You to Spring Forward


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Poor Experiences Occasionally Enable You to Spring Forward

It is the rare person who never makes a poor choice or who enjoys good experiences 100% of the time. For the rest of us, we need an improved mindset for moving forward and getting past the unforeseen.  The attitude of forging past is what sets the successful apart. This is true for career advancement, the job hunt, and business development.

Two days ago, I shared a personal experience via my blog.  Afterward, I began to second-guess whether that should have been done.  The surprising element is, the blog proved to be one of the more popular.  It was shared a fair amount and nice comments were received. As I was re-reading another written project of mine, I realized it was that very blog, with a couple of adjustments, that would make the perfect ending   None of this would have occurred if the original unpleasant incident hadn’t occurred.

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Two Lessons Learned

The first lesson is to keep a positive focus in order to move forward.  The second lesson is that when you share something of a personal nature, more people are attracted to you and the circumstance.  And if an element of commonality is felt upon reading, your story becomes a great branding piece.

Strive for Excellence

As a seller it is our duty to do everything we may to ensure a positive experience for our clientele.  The process begins with in-depth questions, answers, and clarification to be certain the entire picture is understood from the client perspective.  Dependent upon the service, sometimes a timeline is to be laid out and dialogue to take place each step of the way.  Once the sale is finalized, and your product has had time to be used, checking in again for satisfaction is essential.  The same is true over time.  No one wants to be sold and forgotten; loyalty exists both ways.  The key to successful selling is the development of trust and loyalty. Laying the foundation, your clientele turns into your salesforce.

Monitor P.R. on your Behalf

It was curious that a great surge of companies from one specific continent began to follow me online.  I began to review all of the newer activities in place.  The realization hit, that an article I submitted for my client asked to have it written on behalf of their client located in that particular continent.  Their promotion of my writing (delivered with great care) created the increased attention from the region.

In conclusion, almost every effort you put out to your best ability will be rewarded in some way.  This leads up to the Smooth Sale!

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Work with Integrity to Create Client Loyalty


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Work with Integrity to Create Client Loyalty

Over the years, I have seen people charge extraordinary sums of money for services, but they did not always deliver on what was promised.  Unfortunately for the buyers, the legal paperwork was worded in such a way that there was no recourse to be reimbursed.  At the time, the economy was robust and everyone was seemingly doing well, but today, money is still tight and it’s curious how some still proceed with this state of mind. As a job seeker, you will wnat to know the level of client loyalty held for the company with which you are interviewing.

The memory came to mind today, given I had to let Joe go today from supplying a bi-weekly service.  He was supposedly helping on a service matter unrelated to my business.  The problem was, Joe eagerly took the money, but he did not provide the service for which he was paid.  The person, who recommended Joe, told me I had no right to let him go on the spot. 

My reply was swift as I relayed that no one has the right to take money but not deliver on the promised service. It was further stated that an ongoing relationship of this type is unfathomable.  Integrity is everything, and it is the only way to develop a loyal clientele over the long-term.  My message was heard.

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I’m very fortunate to belong to an excellent group of sales peers.  Tim Ohai, CEO of Growth and Associates, shared his philosophy emanating from Hawaii, that spoke to me.  The Hawaiian word is pana'i. It means to give and receive, but don't take. This one expression summarizes the better approach to not only business but also for life.

Consider those services you revisit from time to time, and the reasons for doing so.  They must offer a product or service to your taste, you see the value in it, and you are treated with respect.  Most likely when you need to give gifts at holiday time, you revisit the same options for those very reasons.

The balance of giving and receiving works in a multitude of ways.  It might be a good idea to revisit all the activity you are immersed in to determine if you are doing your part.  For example, you may receive many re-postings of your online content, but do you make it a habit to reciprocate?  When people make referrals or provide you with testimonials, do you do your best to return the favor? 

Most importantly, do you appropriately deliver what you promise to clients, and do you thank them upon delivery as well as check in at a later date to be certain satisfaction still remains? 

Working with the balance of giving and receiving in mind, and without taking, defines your personal brand and will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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Casual Conversation Leads to Serious Negotiation


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Casual conversation leads to serious negotiation

Taking the stance, for a moment, as the buyer, I have to say the old style of selling may work for some but it never works for me when “the push” is in my direction.  And that’s exactly how it comes across, being pushed.  Switching back to being a seller, the improved style is to be relaxed, open to new ideas, and hear how current products and services are working for the other party.  The relaxed and open style applies to being in conversation on interviews with hiring managers, retail clients, or with corporate accounts. 

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A call was placed to make a reservation for dinner at a nice but moderately priced restaurant.  The host picking up the phone made note of the date and time, but then began to “Up-sell” the person making the reservation.  The desire was for the customer to pre-order a very expensive dinner.  That suggestion was declined. 

A few days later, when the group was assembled for dinner, the waitress belittled the person who was in charge of ordering.  The waitress announced that the restaurant would not allow sharing of food, and the amount requested would need to be doubled, or she wouldn’t put the order in.  Had I been by myself, I would have walked out and eaten somewhere else. 

The group decided to compensate for budget, by omitting alcoholic beverages and desert.  Only the basics were requested for dinner.  The end result of this nonsense is that we all took an oath, at the end of the evening, to never again return to that restaurant.  It came down to being undervalued as customers and disrespected. 

Very bluntly, when it comes to future sales, one expensive meal will never compare to having 6 people returning and referring their friends.

Expected and Improved Results

You may represent a service or product, or be a job seeker about to go on an interview; in any situation valuing the other party and being respectful is essential.  The more thoughtful style of question and answer, along with listening and fully understanding the other person’s answers produces an open conversation.  It’s an honest dialogue that includes admitting weaknesses, speaking to strengths, and showcasing benefits for working together that materializes into a deeper relationship.  Understanding the other party’s anticipated results and working to help achieve those will move all parties together down a mutually beneficial path.    The more relaxed style removes the annoyances while leading to the Smooth Sale!

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How to Get Connected on LinkedIn

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  How to Get Connected on LinkedIn
Guest Post by Andrew Lisa

There is a running joke that LinkedIn is Facebook, but with resumes. Yes, LinkedIn is, by definition, a social media site, but it is a professional resource first and foremost. Most successful businesses have Facebook and Twitter accounts that they use exclusively for marketing and networking their business, but no one would ever call Twitter and Facebook business platforms.

The point is, LinkedIn is in a category all by itself – especially if you consider the fact that absolutely no credible competitors come close to rivaling its place at the throne of the professional social media universe.

There is no right way to succeed on LinkedIn, but there are steps you can take to increase the payoff you get from investing the time and energy to fully utilize the platform.

For many people, LinkedIn is their resume, cover letter, portfolio and job board.

Understand – and Don't Abuse – the Connections System

As discussed in the article "The Right Way To Connect On LinkedIn," LinkedIn is hyper vigilant about the privacy of its members. Enabling people to network while guarding their information is a delicate dance for a social site to perform – and LinkedIn does it well.

LinkedIn protects its members by dividing them into first- second- and third-degree connections. When your buddy from work sends you a request, and you accept it, he becomes a first-degree connection. The woman who ran the human resources department at his last job, who knows him but not you, is a second-degree connection. A third-degree connection is a friend of a friend of a friend.

If you're a young aspiring actor who just moved to Los Angeles, it is entirely possible that Steven Spielberg is one of your third-degree connections. It is also entirely possible that Steven Spielberg has no interest in talking to you. Ever.

Be Realistic and Pragmatic when Working Your Connections

When you send an invitation to connect to a second-degree connection, send a short note along with it. This will prove to them you're a real person, it will give them some context, it will make them more likely to accept and it will position you as someone who understands online etiquette.

When you encounter a tantalizing third-degree connection, ask yourself if you would want to hear form you if you were that connection. Are your motives totally one-sided? Would the relationship be mutually beneficial? Does the young actor fresh out of film school really have something to offer that could interest Steven Spielberg? If the answer is no, which it definitely is, it would probably be better for the actor to aim a little lower and work the connections in between first.

The secret to success on LinkedIn is understanding how connections work – and approaching them delicately and deliberately.

Success on LinkedIn is all about the navigating the degrees of separation between you and the people you would like to know. Understanding how connections are made, how they are exploited and how they are missed is the key to success on LinkedIn, which is a lot more than just Facebook with resumes.

Photo credit: Flickr users JohnParker2012 and Bert Boerland

Andrew Lisa is a freelance business writer who covers recruiting and hiring.

Following these guidelines will lead you to Smooth Sale!

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Staying Connected and Powerful


Attract the Right Job and Clientele:  Staying Connected and Powerful

 Guest post by Michael Tracey

Every once in a while new technology piques interest that may well be beneficial for readers in their job or business development pursuit. The following new tech insight is being shared due to the fact, from time to time, I hear of people missing calls for one reason or another with the worst case scenario being the loss of opportunity.

Recently, the ON3 PowerCliq was introduced to me, which is an iPhone case that claims to be the world's first Bluetooth® 4.0 integrated cell phone case with an in-case charger. Upon first seeing the device, I immediately noticed the cases’ bulky nature. Normally, it’s the Bluetooth headsets themselves that are bulky, but this headset was actually perfectly ergonomically designed and housed snugly inside an impact-resistance case.

The charging case itself features a super-thin yet powerful battery, allowing users to store and charge their headset when not in use. Its 2700 mAh of power can deliver an extra 150% of life to your phone and an extra 4500% of life to your Bluetooth headset; extra power which can help keep you connected when you need it most.

The benefit

Whether you are looking for that next job or are a core member of a sales team, staying connected has never been more important than it is today. Bluetooth headsets themselves have had a great impact on the sales world; however, they’re often stigmatized as a dated piece of tech frequently low on power, and easy to lose.

When working correctly, the product is useful in making sure you don’t miss any calls while looking for your phone, and frees up your hands to easily do things like access your computer or drive safely, removing the factors associated with this negative stigma, and allowing you to efficiently optimize your day with a device that stays powered and lasts longer.


The purpose of today’s blog is to inform you of new technology that may improve your productivity.   You may determine if PowerCliq is right for you by visiting: http://bit.ly/1bzIlcm or visit the company website: www.go-on3.com  #daretobe.  This introduction to a new product is meant to be helpful and informative.

In closing, not all products are right for everyone.  That’s why when you meet with clients it’s smart to conduct a Question and Answer meeting. Your queries as to where the interests and priorities are today, and what their goals may be for the future, your success rate will greatly improve. Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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