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Checking your list twice is not just for the year-end holidays. A careful review is also to ensure nothing falls through the cracks so that you may secure all open business that sounds promising. The last quarter of the year is known to produce the most business for the entire year. To capture all expectations requires serious business on the backend.

For salespeople, the process begins with an examination of the CRM system in place to double check agreed upon steps to be taken and follow-up calls to be made. Entrepreneurs who aren’t in possession of a synced database will hopefully somehow have a current list of prospects and clients with whom to follow up. Similarly, job seekers will do best to create a list of their prospective employers, appointments, and dates for follow-up.

Add columns to the action lists to capture your prospect’s preferred date, time, and type of communication. Some people still prefer the telephone while others are satisfied with a tweet. It’s your job to inquire as to the individual’s preferred method of contact.

Given the pressure put on yourself and by others to make the sale or acquire the job, the tiniest of details are in need of double checking. A previous blog, “Are the Details Falling Through the Cracks” provides additional insight. 

My Story

Admittedly I’m more of a big picture type of person rather than one who examines the details. But to gear up for business, September is the month I double check my lists. Specifically, links that we automatically feed into online platforms are to be tested. I found a few article links that no longer work and deleted those. Meanwhile, I updated the verbiage that is associated with each link to read better.

My website will focus on this blog come October 1. The realization hit that still needs to be found, so I reconfirmed this important detail with the website developer. Given this is the case, I’ve been reaching out to those who publish my work to let them know about the change and how I will promote by other means. The upside was the opportunity to connect live and have a friendly conversation that led to a further agreement.

In short, when you are timely with updates and meetings of every nature and provide full disclosure as you proceed, loyalty becomes yours. And the finishing touch is friendships blossom, too.

Your Story

It can be quite overwhelming to make all the updates needed for a productive year-end. Sometimes the seeming lack of enough time adds stress to the projects. Another blog “Use Time Out to Rejuvenate and Improve Results” may lend helpful insight on how to handle those days. 

And as you are creating a dramatic finish to the year, beware of leaving it as such. Never leave everything complete, at least not in traditional terms. Instead, in the evening, focus on what will motivate you to continue the effort in the New Year. Begin doing that now.

Beginning salespeople quickly learn about peaks and valleys that occur when future steps are not planned out. Once the glory of a great year ends, the horrifying realization hits that one needs to begin all over again. The situation becomes depressing and quickly moves to highly stressful with management hanging over you. T

o avoid all of the anxiety, always have a charted out plan on what is yet to come. As the deadline approaches, check your list twice. And then the thought arrives, what do I want to be doing this in the New Year? Once again take a time out to figure out what you enjoy most. Another helpful blog might be “See the Forest through the Trees”

Sales Tips
  1. Create a list of the most likely new clients.
  2. Add columns to indicate when to follow up and which method of communication.
  3. Review previous meeting notes for each prospect, place the highlights for each in another column.
  4. Next column indicates intended start date.
  5. Underneath each prospect’s name capture exactly what needs to be complete to secure the sale.
  6. Commit to the number of follow-ups you will do each day to ensure reaching all well before the end of the year.
  7. Now prioritize your running task list in order of importance to incorporate into the day.
  8. On the weekends consider what you might like to do next year and begin charting out your plan.
  9. Focus on your long-term vision and passion to enhance your career.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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