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Although there are many styles of communication, improved results may be seen by applying two strategies. The caution is not everyone will buy into their validity. Should you be a person who believes either of the two strategies is wishful thinking, then you are at this moment challenged to reconsider that thought.

My Story

Today I was in conversation with a team of saleswomen. The first part of the agenda was to answer their questions. The first question swiftly arrived asking, “Do you believe in the power of a positive mindset?” And the second inquiry that followed was, “Is there any validity to intuition?” My belief is the two concepts intertwine and most definitely affect the future outcomes that we desire.

Positive Mindset

Before the law of attraction became a common phrase, I tested the theory of positive thinking. On every occasion when a particularly tough road lay ahead for sales, I told myself, “You can do this.” On those occasions, the business became mine. I believe the intense focus allowed for examination of every possibility that might either hinder or see the sale move forward.


Coupled with the power of positive thinking, is to accept that intuition is indeed an asset. Individuals, as well as projects, may have caused either a negative or positive feeling to come over us. Something just does not sit right. In my younger days, I would instantly decline any interaction when a poor thought occurred.

Over time, an improved approach to instant decision-making became mine. I learned to examine the uncertain question from all angles before making a final decision to ensure nothing was overlooked. A third manner of dealing with the uncertainty evolved and that is to “sleep on it”. I pose the question at night to allow my subconscious time to deal with the variables as I sleep. The right answer usually comes to me by morning.

Expand the Conversation

Invariably, we will disagree with one another or wonder what the heck the other person is thinking. It’s easy to dismiss the conversation and the person, but when it comes to business or employment, it’s best to ask a question to uncover the person’s philosophy. The answer to the inquiry promotes improved understanding and many times will serve to continue the conversation.

The underlying principle of expanding the conversation is to show respect to the other person by taking the time to understand their thinking. When your prospective clientele sees your extra effort, they become more inclined to do business with you.

Enjoy the Conversation

When salespeople are tense, the intended client becomes concerned that the sole focus is not on them and their company but instead on the person’s needs. In this case, the need is to make a sale or lose the job. But when one learns to relax in meetings and have a lively two-way conversation, results dramatically improve. In the process, the client looks forward to speaking with you and recognizes they will also enjoy working with you.

Your Story

Review your activities of the past month. Recall if you met with a few people whom you wrote off as being unworthy of your time. Was it because you found their thinking to be nonsense or you just did not feel like taking the time to ask more questions? While this may seem like an odd question, people newer to the profession of sales suffer from not delving deeper into the thinking of others.

Take the time to uncover:
• Reasoning of prospective clients
• Past experiences that affect current thinking
• The level of willingness to explore new ideas

Taking your time to get to know people on a professionally personal level instead of rushing through the sale cycle will build the relationship and trust, and will then produce far improved results.

Sales Tips

Practice positive thinking.
Listen to your intuition.
Examine possibilities from multiple angles that are not 100% solidified in your mind.
Discuss concerning areas with peers.
While getting acquainted with prospects drop the sole focus on the sale.
Get to know the people and their thinking first.
Uncover reasoning for statements that don’t quite make sense.
Negotiate a middle-ground for varying perspectives.
Get the buy-in that everyone is now in agreement.
Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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