Most people new to a sales job face a hefty quota in addition to management hounding them to make their numbers. It becomes the perfect combination to maximize stress in the individual and tempt them to quit. But we all know that quitting is never the answer. Should one choose to leave, the same experience will occur.

Anyone truly desiring to ramp up success needs to remove themselves from their comfort zone.


My Story

I find the easiest way to increase creativity is to speak with my peers. As I listen to their insights, new thought comes to me.  I then check with them regarding the validity and if they agree.  

The Best Ideas

When others tell me the idea is ‘ridiculous’ – that usually becomes the best idea of all!  Why?  This type of thought is usually so out of the box, most people cannot grasp it.  The other problem is the ‘crazy idea’ brings them out of their comfort zone.  Most are unable to cope with novel ideas.  

I have learned,

The sterner and more negative the reaction to one of our ideas, the more likely we are on the road to success.

As an entrepreneur and one who wishes to get the word out about business, creativity is essential to attract greater interest. Success rarely happens overnight. As I share some ideas, understand this took a very l-o-n-g time to implement it all.

  • Writing blogs, articles, and books,
  • Creating videos on a variety of topics,
  • Changing professional photos,
  • Securing media interviews of all types,
  • Collaborating with individuals, companies, and groups,
  • Speaking as a trainer at companies and at events, and delivering inspirational keynotes at conferences,
  • Creating new services and products.

The road to success may be very challenging. But when you meet the right people who hold the larger vision for everyone to succeed, that’s when the combined creative ideas ramp up success.

For example, Andy Paul hosts the Accelerate Podcast  to shine a light on those who bring their best insights and creativity to share with the listening audience. It was my delight to be a return guest on the show. You may click the link to hear our conversation about sales and entrepreneurship.

Your Story

It’s possible your eyes glazed over upon seeing the above list. None of it has to be done by yourself. In fact, it would be close to impossible given the combination of disciplines required.

Think about:

  • Your most challenging areas and the help needed,
  • How you will benefit by getting the help,
  • Will help boost both your self-confidence and bottom-line?

A community of peers is awaiting you should this be the route your choose. Take time to consider the three levels of the Smooth Sale Community to figure out which will best serve you. Imagine what training/coaching and guidance will provide to accelerate your success!

My mantra is to learn from the best and then teach those coming up behind me. My accelerated success was directly due to networking with over-achievers and getting the appropriate coaching from those who went before me. In turn, I began teaching job seekers how to sell themselves on interviews. All else followed with products and services, and today’s Smooth Sale Community

Sales Tips
  1. Acknowledge where you are today.
  2. Determine what is next in line to be learned.
  3. Come to terms with hiring help on an as needed basis.
  4. Learn the best of the basics, so you know who will do the best job for you.
  5. Interview several people to match and qualify the perceived best help.
  6. Be specific about needs and expectations upon hiring someone.
  7. Seek out collaborative partners to extend reach.
  8. As your news breaks, reach out to media to broadcast the news.
  9. Keep your social media audience updated on all developments.
  10. Celebrate accelerated success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the  Smooth Sale!

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