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Valeri Bocage
CEO Powerful Women International Connections

Valeri’s Story

As we continue on our journey to make 2017 a better year than ever, let’s look at our lessons learned. Think back to the things that we said we would NEVER do again and recall the people we have let go. The truth of the matter is that those situations and individuals came to help us grow in some way. We are wiser and smarter for the experience.

Negative situations are how we grow, improve, become smarter, and gain wisdom.

Should you continue to experience the same negative events and people, the lesson is not yet coming through. To understand the lesson, look at yourself, not the situation or people. Analyze where the difficulty remains so you can move on. The real power is found inside you.

Three keys to achieving your goals:

  1. Stay focused on the goal NO matter what comes your way.
  2.  Quickly acknowledge the lessons to leapfrog forward.
  3. Laugh a lot and be happy.

A key strategy for moving past worry and doubt quickly is to laugh. The faster you can laugh at a situation gone wrong, the quicker you free yourself. With a smile on your face, you are then ready to move forward.

Moving from Horror to Laughter

We were working on a big event some years ago. Our website person took on another job, and his work got too much for him to continue with our updates. One of our members stepped in to help.  She had started taking classes to learn more about computers and building websites. We were relieved and accepted her offer.

The next day, I looked at the website to check the updates in progress. As I clicked on the event and saw all the information posted, I was stopped in my tracks! My thoughts were going a mile a minute. I was silently calculating how many people might be looking at the site and the volume that already did.

I called my teammate and friend, Pam Terry, in Houston, to ask if she had seen the updates on the site. Pam said, “No, let me look at it now while you are on the phone.” She then said, “Ohhhh my!!!”

We were both silent and dumbfounded. Then, Pam said, “Well, you know this, too, is in divine order!” Then we both burst out laughing.

The updates were done alright! But, the fonts were “wonky,” the page was severely crooked, and the color was a “Pepto Bismol” pink!! We began to take action. First, we blocked the page so it could not be viewed. Pam changed the color and corrected the font.

Next, we discussed with our member about the website needing to look professional and to include our theme colors. She apologized, recognized where she erred, and from the point forward correctly input the updates.


We spoke with our developer without making her feel wrong. We took responsibility for our miscommunication, and she took responsibility for the site. Everything was corrected for everyone to move forward. By the way, she continued taking classes and is now a master with websites.

Lessons Learned

We knew the experience was a lesson for us. Pam has taught me to be happy in all situations. She says the faster that you can laugh at a situation, the faster you get the lesson and move on. No matter who we are in the world, things happen and will go wrong. The way you handle it makes all the difference.

Your Story

Sometimes, your day goes great. Other times, the day is full of surprises and unmet expectations! Recognize that these things will happen. If you get angry, limit your anger to only a few minutes (2 minutes!!). Then, begin focusing on how you are going to handle it and laugh. Be happy. Let your situations move you forward not backward.

Pam Terry, COO for Powerful Women International Connections
Speaker Coach & Marketing Strategist Founder of NOWW Media

Pam Terry is our Chief Operations Officer and has been with PWIC for 10 years. One of her hallmarks is to look at what might be considered negative situations as win-win situations as much as possible. Her project, NOWW TV and NOWW News, is about focusing on what is working in the world so that it can be expanded everywhere. She shares about projects that are making the world better in some way.

Pam envisions the world where everyone is at peace and fully self-expressed, a world where there is not only rich diversity in music, art, dance, nature, and culture but also rich in peacefulness, health, and acceptance. She is also a speaker coach and marketing strategist, teaching and training speakers to become in-demand.

Pam is one of the smartest women I know. She will always do her best to solve problems so that each person walks away happy and inspired. She loves working with our members as we help women humanitarian leaders make a bigger impact in the world.

Pam Terry getting in gear and testing her NOWWTV microphone while getting ready for the Powerful Women International Connections Global Impact Conference August 2016 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

Our Mission

The mission of PWIC is to help improve lives of people around the world. We are working to connect and educate women who are making a difference in humanity on a global scale.  Our members lead projects in alignment with our mission.

Click here to see Other Member Projects 

Please donate to our GoFundMe site If everyone reading this would contribute any amount even any amount you can us help change more lives.

Join PWIC ‘Women Humanitarian Leaders Global Map to showcase how you are making a difference. ’Our goal is to have over 1,000,000 women worldwide who are making a difference on our global map. Join us and complete the short form. Women Humanitarian Leaders!

Complete our Women Leaders Map (No cost to complete the short form.) to showcase how you are making a difference in the world.

World Leader’s Map

PWIC members are working with humanitarian projects and causes:

  • Burn Survivors
  • Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Homelessness

WE can create a better world.

We Invite You!

Together, Let’s Make a Bigger Impact in Society!

Email us at OR contribute to our GoFundMe site above. (Any amount helps us to assist our members.) There are also many ways you can join us in our efforts to make the world a better place. Become a member. Let us know what you are doing to change lives!

Sales Tips:
  1. Embrace situations that have gone wrong.
  2. Detect lessons to be learned.
  3. Take your newfound knowledge to make needed adjustments
  4. Discuss lessons learned with peers to enhance a possible new direction.
  5. Implement the changes needed.
  6. Analyze how the new approach is working.
  7. Tweak the new approach for stellar performance.
  8. Teach those coming up behind you what was learned.
  9. Have a good laugh with everyone on your team.
  10. Celebrate Success!
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