Are You Making this Communication Error?

Are You Making this Communication Error?…The majority of business difficulties stem from communication error. One of things to avoid is anger when a miscommunication occurs. The best route is to retrace the steps of where the mistake originated. In this way, the same may be avoided in the future…

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Are You Ignoring This Business Strategy?

Are You Ignoring This Business Strategy?…Highly productive and ambitious business people have their eye on success at all times. The problem is the desire to achieve milestones quickly. But there is a price to pay when projects are done quickly. The same applies to online communication. Sharing our best at all times increases the likelihood of maintaining and growing our followings…

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What Problem Do You Solve?

What Problem Do You Solve?…Do you solve one problem or several for your clientele?  Are you aware that hiring managers employ people not only to fill a spot but to also to fill the company’s need(s)? In your story, add value to hear your audience say, ‘Yes, we want you!’…

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Are Too Many Projects Up In the Air?

Are Too Many Projects Up In the Air?…Our normal routines finds us with many projects on which to focus. But with holidays around the corner, the routine becomes especially hectic. We feel as if we have far too many projects up in the air and that juggling is our primary career…

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Do You Break the Rules As Needed?

Do You Break the Rules As Needed?…Not all rules are fair or logical.  I’m the type who believes in the fairness of all activities. But there is no sense pointing out a problem if one is not willing to stand up and allow others to hear their voice. In many instances, I won my case in negotiating a better result…

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Top Tips for Boosting Your Employee Engagement Strategy

Top Tips for Boosting Your Employee Engagement Strategy…Businesses with engaged employees are more productive and generate higher profits. No wonder that companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on employee engagement programs every year. However, despite these efforts, the numbers remain shockingly low. According to a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review, this is because most initiatives aimed at boosting employee engagement levels are short-sighted…

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What Do You Wish to Be Doing?

What Do You Wish to Be Doing?…It seems that everyone with whom I speak expresses that they wish they could be doing something that excites them. Enthusiasm has disappeared for current work. Much of the loss is due to a valiant effort figuring out the best strategies for business only to find algorithms are once again changing. The wish to be doing something else is prevalent…

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Do You Know The Secret About Creative Thinking?

Do You Know The Secret About Creative Thinking?…o be creative you have to be able to think creatively. Creativity is a deliberate human activity. The word deliberate means fully considered, and that implies thought. That applies whether you are painting a picture, solving a family problem, inventing a new product, devising a marketing plan, conducting an orchestra, or conducting a sales meeting. All these things can be done un-creatively, but all of them usually produce better results when you take advantage of your ability to think creatively…

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The Season of Fixing Problems

The Season of Fixing Problems…My season for the need of fixing problems appears to be now. Yesterday’s blog asked the question, ‘How Do You Adapt to Resolving Problems?’  Little did I realize the theme will continue.

Years ago, a spiritual group taught me about Mercury in Retrograde and that things happen for a reason.  We were told to just wait out the circumstance. I found the Retrograde insights fascinating.  And it is far easier to step aside for problems to settle on their own. But given we are entrepreneurs and salespeople, action for fixing issues is required…

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How Do You Adapt to Resolving Problems?

How Do You Adapt to Resolving Problems?…How you adapt to resolving problems is almost like having a crystal ball for predicting your future success. Sure, frustration kicks in, but short tempers never work well. What does produce favorable results is uncovering where the train strayed off of the tracks. The ability to adapt to resolving problems applies to teamwork, customer service, technology issues, and relationships wherever you go…

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Are You Ready to Change the Details?

Are You Ready to Change the Details?…Are you flexible in changing the details of your business plan as time passes? The business plan and accompanying processes should have a thorough review, on a continuing basis, and certainly before year-end. Only then can we improve upon what is in place so that we may increase the better business results…

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You CAN Contribute to Change

You CAN Contribute to Change…Change is a constant, and so it is possible to revise the perception of salespeople and the way in which management treats them. The lack of respect, integrity (in some companies), and unequal treatment among genders has one scratching their head wondering why anyone would enter such a profession? If this sounds like your experience…

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