How Do You Conduct Meetings?

How Do You Conduct Meetings?…Have you ever been in meetings where someone backs away by essentially saying ‘that’s not my job’ although it is? Taking responsibility for areas related to your job is essential for maintaining credibility. At the very least, offer to make an introduction to the person in charge. Unfortunately, today provided to be a different outcome from the meeting i attended….Share on Facebook

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When Life Seems Too Serious Use This Remedy

When Life Seems Too Serious Use This Remedy…Anyone working either as an entrepreneur or on the job will sometimes feel that life seems too serious and is in need of a remedy. The pressure we put on ourselves, in addition to that of partners, management, and employers, will add considerable stress. My favorite remedy is to call a good friend who understands the situation and can provide good suggestions. With nearby friends, arrange to meet on occasion for lunch or coffee to have a friendly chat…Share on Facebook

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How Did PayPal Become the Remarkable Success Story?

How Did PayPal Become the Remarkable Success Story?…Following the remarkable success of PayPal, I welcomed learning more about the company history.  Today’s guest blog is by Megan Arevalo, Community Manager, for  The Infographic and the facts beneath, provide all of us with excellent insight…Share on Facebook

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Do You See the Forest Through the Trees?

Do You See the Forest Through the Trees?…For a sales related blog, the title ‘Do you see the forest through the trees?’ might seem odd. The fact is we get so bogged down sometimes that we lose sight of the bigger picture. In fact, the weeds of obligation that sprout up can overtake the trees plus the forest. With the right focus, we can begin to clear our path and again see the forest…Share on Facebook

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Are Your Strict with Priorities?

Are Your Strict with Priorities?…In our quest to do good by another, we sometimes mistakenly forego our own priorities. Should we get too entrenched with the goals of others, it’s easy to lose sight of our own and soon after ambition becomes lost. Are you strict with priorities?Share on Facebook

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Fix The Problem Between Management and Sales Producers

Fix The Problem Between Management and Sales Producers…In the corporate world, there is often a big divide between management and sales producers. Make no mistake, it is a very big problem. Shakespeare’s quote, “To be or not to be, that is the question” comes to mind in terms of do I stay in this field or do I change my career? One question this morning brought it all back and had me cringing…

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One Action Produces Results

One Action Produces Results…Most people are reluctant to take the one action that produces results.  If you do not understand why a statement is made, or, desire something special at work, Ask! The Nike slogan comes to mind, “Just Do It!” The ask will produce results, but beware that some answers you will like while others not so much…Share on Facebook

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With Only One Week To Go ~ What Will You Do?

With Only One Week To Go ~ What Will You Do?…If you were given the gift of one week only to do what you enjoy most, what would that be? On occasion, many of us fall into a rut without an appreciation for time running away. Too much is thrown at us that seems to be meaningless taking away time from what we prefer to do. So we continue down the monotonous road of doing the same old…Share on Facebook

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How to Recognize You Are in Good Company

How to Recognize You Are in Good Company…We have all heard advice about ‘the company we keep…’ and to carefully select our good company. Paying attention to the advice will affect the outcome of both personal and business matters. A previous blog entitled “Are You Deliberately Different?”  explains the wisdom of the insight…

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Are You Timid About Speaking Up?

Are You Timid About Speaking Up?…A major problem with not speaking up is that not doing so signals you are in agreement with what is in place. And many times, when one does voice their opinion, it is seen as a combative position versus being helpful. By using relationship selling strategies, your contribution will receive a warm welcome. The hard part is getting past the fear of speaking up…Share on Facebook

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