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As I began to browse through new business books, I realized there are similarities in thinking among leaders of varying types. Those who excel in sales advise to remain focused on high-end goals, and thought leaders suggest we maintain our fondest vision.

My Story

Keeping an eye on people in our industry and on what thought leaders are saying will help sharpen our focus. As I was looking at the books, I mentally made comparisons of where the similarities and differences are for additional thought.

What we advise in common is the need to persevere no matter how difficult the situation. Tweets frequently convey that continued failure leads to success. My writing suggests that our worst lessons can become our guides for the future. We do best when we pay attention to everything around us. The idea is not to pass judgment but to learn from the experience.

Our mindset and focus are what make the difference for our outcomes. The most difficult challenge for many is to commit to change. Whatever it is you wish to accomplish in life, personal development and continual learning are requirements. Otherwise, results are mediocre. This sentiment is one of the common elements among the books I selected.  

Your Story

Initially, most everyone has the desire to succeed in their endeavors.

Two questions come to mind:

1. Will you do whatever it takes to succeed?

2. Do you have an almost unreal desire of where you would like to be one day?

An answer of ‘yes’ is the correct one for both questions. A seemingly unrealistic or ‘far out there’ type of vision is needed for the motivation and drive to get there. The only drawback is the negativity you will encounter.

There are several parts to this advice:

  • You need to work on your goals directed toward the vision every day.
  • As long as you continue to learn, you are in fact moving forward although it may not seem so.
  • The learning from both the good and the bad builds motivation and confidence.

Some days it may feel as if you are going backward, but that’s okay.  In the process, you begin to recognize that you can achieve your seemingly unrealistic desire. For extra insights, read, “Are You Ignoring This Business Strategy?”

The questions to ask yourself are:
  • On the worst days, do you promise yourself not to quit?
  • Will you commit to all of the days it takes to achieve your vision? 
  • Once you attain your desired achievement, will you pay success forward by mentoring others?

Many people will create a plan. But one of two events will happen when things don’t materialize as they hope. Most will walk away to do something else. However, the successful will analyze where the mishap occurred proceed to fixing the problem. You can address this scenario ahead of time. Be flexible with making adjustments, and speak with trusted peers. Eliminate the embarrassment of not everything working to expectations by realizing flexibility saves the day.

As your journey take hold, wisdom arrives; some is straight-forward and some philosophical. Be open to new thought and comb through it for additional ideas on how to best to continue.

Sales Tips for New Thought:
  1. Read the latest books
  2. Create new services
  3. Establish a private Board of Advisors
  4. Journal your thoughts daily
  5. Determine where your passion is on high
  6. Focus your next path on what you most enjoy
  7. Keep track of what works best to teach those newer in the field
  8. Write articles and books about your best insights
  9. Seek out new collaborative partners who think similarly
  10. Celebrate Success!
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