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The sales profession endures more pressure than most can bear. Issues are many, but by working collaboratively to hear the problems out from contributors, and resolve them, the reward will be exponential. Accordingly, Debbie Gee, Dave Lewark, and I are collaborating on the Voice of Sales project on behalf of The Sales Enablement Society. 

We are excited to announce a sales professional survey seeking your input on how we may improve sales efficiencies and remove some of the needless burden when it comes to making quota.  And it will be intriguing to see what salespeople worldwide have to say about the problem(s).  Please visit Survey Monkey to provide your insights and receive the results after everyone has contributed. Let your voice be heard – and we thank you!

My Story

Aside from the desire to contribute to the Society, my experience in corporate sales is not vastly different from today. My goal is to help give direction so that the burden of pressure and the unimaginable may no longer affect today’s salespeople or future generations. While this may sound ‘pie in the sky,’ by working together in posing and answering questions confidently and accurately, change can happen.

The profession provided me with the motivation to toughen up in every direction imaginable. Salespeople are hired for a full-time job to seek out new clients and increase sales for the company. The problem is there is a disconnect between fulfilling one’s job description and fulfilling requirements of management. Interference arises with required meetings, training, self-education, and the unexpected requests from clients. The worst part is salespeople are often treated as the low person on the totem pole within the company and are witness to little communication between departments. On top of the stress put on one’s shoulders, management issues threats that you need to make your numbers or else.

Meeting with clients becomes the fun part. In fact, my favorite part of each day was getting out of the office sooner rather than later to be among prospective clients. The conversations were far more engaging. Behind the scenes, my experience was more about Sales Disablement.

Set Higher Level Goals 

Your Story

Given all of the above, and most likely you have similar experiences, we encourage you to take time to consider the meaning of sales enablement. If you were in charge of putting a Sales Enablement Program into action, what will the steps initially look like and what will be the ultimate goal?

Are you curious as to what other salespeople think, too? We certainly are; accordingly a survey was created so that we may receive insights of which we are not aware as well as find consensus on pressing issues. Please visit Survey Monkey to provide your thought and receive the results after everyone has contributed.  And consider following The Sales Enablement Society on LinkedIn 

You may still be wondering if the survey is self-serving on our end and is it worth your time to participate? Will you also see benefit by taking a few minutes to share your thoughts? We plan to compile the responses and share the results. So what, you might ask? Our membership is worldwide and in growth mode.

We are committed to sales enablement and grooming the sales profession to be better than ever.

In a perfect world, should everyone participate by taking the survey, we will gain the needed insight and consensus. Further discussion regarding the results will take place, and collectively we will create new thought for how sales enablement should and will move forward.

A perfect picture was just painted; please contribute to the portrait of an improved tomorrow for our sales profession. Click this link to participate.  We thank you.

Your voice is highly valuable for all of us!

Sales Tips
  1. When the need arises, speak up
  2. Voice concerns over the sales disablement that you witness
  3. Encourage communication between departments
  4. Have engaging conversations with clientele and report back their insights to your employer
  5.  Inquire of clients what they would improve if they could concerning your service
  6. Ask clients what they like best about what your company provides
  7. Show appreciation by taking good clients to lunch
  8. Offer suggestions in-house for sales improvement
  9. Demonstrate teamwork
  10. Celebrate Success!


Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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