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Tiresome work should be reconciled with a new way of doing things. Change is the only constant on which we can depend. As new ideas come to mind, we are in need of exploring whether going in that direction is worthwhile.

My Story

Through the years of entrepreneurship, I have witnessed and applied many new trends of the day. Some ideas were merely add-ons to what was in place while others were entirely new. Creation takes much thought and usually an investment of time and money. Self-education or formal classes become a requirement.  Funds are needed to implement the suggested strategy.

We look to transition from where we are today. We question if the changeover is what we want, and if the effort is worthwhile. The puzzle can be intimidating without setting goals. And questions such as, “Will a return on investment be in the forecast?” need to be answered.

One of the best places to begin is to set appointments with those who have gone before us. I ask for their best practices, and the investments they believe to be worthwhile. I’m not shy to ask, “Why is that important?” Finally, I compare and contrast the information given to me for a realistic idea of how to proceed.

On occasion, a friend will ask me to contribute to one of their programs or create a new one.  Over time, I have learned to become more discerning about the requests. Experience is the best teacher.  Nothing is as simple as it sounds.  And the result may not be the glamorous outcome as expected. I also list the varied expenditures that are needed for the likelihood of a successful project. Whether I move forward or decline the offer, I can relax knowing that both sides of the equation are reconciled. 


Your Story

It doesn’t take too many negative experiences to recognize that due diligence is a requirement.  You might be asked to sit on a Board of Directors or create the next best-selling book. Underneath it all, the time allotment and unspoken expenses are in need of exploration for a reality check. How do you handle offers from friends and others when they arise?

Do you:

  • Accept immediately
  • Research the pros, cons, and investments required
  • Confer with those who have gone before you
  • Decline offers that don’t make sense for you
  • Ask in-depth questions for clarity
  • Reconcile everything involved to arrive at the better answer

Upfront obligation to others should not be a part of your business plan. The better approach is to remain true to your values and priorities as these are affected by additional projects. Before accepting a new offer, be fairly certain that it will enhance what is already in place.

Sales Tips

  1. Avoid impromptu acceptance of offers
  2. Research ideas for projects to gain insight on time and expense involved
  3. Omit the idea of obligation to friends
  4. Decline opportunities that sound one-sided or are too time-consuming
  5. Reconcile time and expense for implementing the new versus return on investment
  6. Accept those offers that will complement what you have in place
  7. Determine if a new project will add to enhance your branding
  8. Consider your excitement level about the project
  9. Say yes to the offers that sound feasible and you know will be enjoyable
  10. Celebrate Success!

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