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How you view change is either a sinkhole or golden opportunity.  It was with delight and from a sales perspective to watch Mark Cuban as a guest on a television news show. Why? His facial expressions said it all! At one point, he even covered his eyes. There was a tremendous disconnect between him and the host regarding their varying viewpoints when it comes to doing business and accepting change. The host is old school and is unwilling to embrace new ideas.

My Story

Every time I consider a new idea, initially the thought seems very straight-forward. It isn’t until I begin planning out the milestones and goals to achieve to reach the distant vision when reality takes hold. The idea may be simple, but there are usually many components that need to be put in place first before it can take shape. And each segment frequently requires learning a new discipline. Before I know it, the initial easy project becomes complex, and I begin to wonder if it’s worth the effort.

Behaviors are a great indicator for deciding whether an effort is worthwhile or if it will only waste much time. Indications of whether to move forward include:

  • Mentally planning the day in my head as I awake
  • Excitement to get started each morning
  • Concentration on the outcome

Anything less than those three indications, I know that I will drag my feet and waste time until I pull the plug on the idea. When we try to pursue an idea that initially seemed like a good one but then bring it to not quite a screeching halt, wastes much valuable time. I have learned to examine something from multiple angles to see if it may be saved, otherwise, save much aggravation by cutting the chord.

On occasion I find myself enjoying the excitement of the day, I know I’m on to something very special. The excitement increases motivation to do a good job. However, nothing is 100% nor does everything work well 100% of the time. So on those occasions that an exciting project does not work out as I anticipate, I take the time to learn from the lessons to begin anew with another idea.


Your Story

One of the keys to success is understanding our behaviors. Change is forever in our presence. Are you tuned into how you deal with changes in society and technology?

Do you:

  • Hope the ideas will soon fade away.
  • Ignore anything has changed
  • Motivate yourself to learn the new?

As an employee, are you keeping up with your daily duties plus educating yourself on changes in your industry? And if you are an entrepreneur, are you keeping up to date with approaches to social media and all else that needs to be learned? Stay abreast of what your peers are working on and what they view as important. It helps to compare notes and provide insights for one another.

As you experience success with the new strategies, share what you learned for others to succeed, too. The best reward comes when people take the time to thank you.

Sales Tips
  1. Accept that change is a constant.
  2. Decide what type of change will benefit your work the most.
  3. Create a detailed list of everything associated with the one change.
  4. Create a second listing to detail the education needed.
  5. Prioritize the learning.
  6. Create a peer group to exchange ideas.
  7. Share your best findings with others.
  8. Create new products and services based on what works well.
  9. Transform your favored services into future Golden Opportunities!
  10. Celebrate success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the  Smooth Sale!

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